Twenty-Five Years

It was a quarter of a century ago, that I met my Bride at a singles dance.  We figured that was cause for something different to celebrate.  Of course, that evening was a Friday night, and now it was a Monday.  I am not sure about where you live, but in the Detroit area, there are many restaurants that are closed on Mondays, so I was doing research about where to go.  She wanted to spend the day at the Detroit Institute of Art before we had dinner.  I thought that was a great way to spend the afternoon, since our museum is considered a world-class contender.  I found a newer restaurant that we hadn’t been to before, which does not take reservations, so we figured that we would leave the museum in time to get there when they opened for the evening.  We drove down to the museum, found a parking space in their automated parking facility and walked over to the back entrance.  I checked out everything, but I forgot to check on the museum and they were closed.  It almost appeared that the romance was ending at the exact twenty-five-year mark.  I then suggested that we walk across the street to the magnificent main library and it was closed, the same for the Detroit Historical Museum and then the same for the Detroit Science Center.  The day was not going well and my Bride was not thrilled with my planning expertise.  We drove to Downtown Detroit and decided to take a different route to check out some of the other areas in the town.

As we were getting ready to get on the expressway to go and find a place closer to our home, I suggested that we go and have a late leisurely lunch at The Henry, which is what is now the old Ritz-Carlton where we went that first evening for coffee after the dance.  That suggestion worked.  We just started sharing plates of food.  We started with Roasted Elephant Garlic, which we haven’t had in ages.  My Bride had a Caesar Salad and an Apple Crusted Whitefish.  I had their Three Bean soup and their Crab and Lobster Cakes.  We finished it off by splitting a brownie.  All was good again and the Gods looked down and made it all work out.

My Bride ordered a glass of Cambria Chardonnay, which was listed as Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard, which made her remember our night in Cambria and that wine was one that we had.  This wine while it was from Cambria Estate Vineyard & Winery was their Cambria Benchbreak Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay 2015.  Cambria Estate is part of the Jackson Family Wines group and actually managed by the Jackson’s daughters and they have had the winery for about thirty years.  The winery has been Certified Sustainable since 2009.  The wine was aged for six and a half months in French Oak, of which twenty-one percent was new and offered a nice nose, with a pretty soft golden-yellow color and good finish.  I had a glass of Moutard-Diligent Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2015 from Moutard Pere et Fils.  The Moutard-Diligent label represents their Negocient range as there are approximately three-hundred communes in Burgundy that can be used for that designation.  I could not find any production notes on this wine, but it did offer a fine basic white Burgundian glass of wine.  Of the two Chardonnay wines that we had, I would say that my Bride had the better of the two.  Here is to the next twenty-five years and longer and hopefully they will include wine for the both of us.

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7 Responses to Twenty-Five Years

  1. Congratulations on the 25 years. Your celebration sounds just right!

  2. Congratulations to you and your bride on the big twenty-five. Salute.

  3. Congratulations to you and your bride! Here’s to another 25 years John. :):)

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