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An Afternoon in Vegas

If one has never been to Las Vegas the bright lights are almost a Siren call for all of the glitter that is there.  Alas, for me that Siren has long been silenced from all of the years of going … Continue reading

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Vintner Grill

Our first night in Las Vegas and we were not able to see any of our children or grandchildren, so it was a date night. I had talked to our son earlier to map out some ideas during our stay … Continue reading

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Getting Situated in Vegas

The joys of modern travel.  After scrambling off the plane with each of us carrying two bags, we made our way to the baggage area, to get our other luggage.  I have no idea, how people can do a flight … Continue reading

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Getting There…

Getting there is half the fun, as they say, unless you can remember back in the good old days of airline travel when it was glamorous and going to Las Vegas used to be fun.  Nowadays airline travel is more … Continue reading

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Viva Las Vegas

It is time for another visit to see the children and the grandchildren in Las Vegas.   I have been going there for ever it seems.  Years back when I tried to gamble, I would go to the old downtown, which … Continue reading

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