Getting There…

Getting there is half the fun, as they say, unless you can remember back in the good old days of airline travel when it was glamorous and going to Las Vegas used to be fun.  Nowadays airline travel is more reminiscent of Third World nations.  I can remember back when one actually had leg room, not to mention hip room and the seats actually had some recline to them, If the airlines continue their austerity programs, we may all be standing up, holding leather straps like on a trolley.  Perhaps, it is me, because I like to travel on Southwest Airlines and they actually seem to know what they are doing and they do not nickel and dime you for every convenience.  They allow you two suitcases to check, one overhead bag and one bag that you can place at your feet, which when you are travelling for over a week, one needs to have some luggage.  I am just chagrined that people tend to bring food to eat on the flight that is overly aromatic and most of the time does not smell enticing.  I also tend to remember when people dressed up to fly, and now everyone tries to look like that they just dug the Panama Canal by hand and boarded the plane.  I survived.

Even though we had a TSA Preapproval, we still take no chances and arrived at the airport two hours ahead of time.  I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.  With all that extra time we went in search of a restaurant to dine in, instead of bringing a sandwich onto the plane.  We were in the older airport at Detroit Metro, so the selections are not as good, so we went to a chain restaurant that has a presence.  Ruby Tuesday is not our first choice when we are going out, but that is where we decided to eat.  My Bride had a Chicken Caesar Kale Salad, and I decided to go safe and have a Bacon Cheeseburger.  We chose dishes that would hold us over for the next five hours as we would be surviving on peanuts, pretzels and cookies.

It is always amusing when at times my Bride orders a Scotch and Soda and I order a glass of wine, because almost all the time, I am served the Scotch and she will receive the glass of wine.  I had a glass of Albert Bichote Bourgogne Vielles Vignes de Chardonnay 2015.   I had ordered the wine before I had looked at the menu, so don’t chastise me for the pairing.    I mean I figured that a Chardonnay wine from the Cote de Beaune would not be that bad.  The vines averaged from 25 to 35 years of age, hence the “viellles vignes.”  This family estate and negocient began in 1831, so they have been around Burgundy for a few years.  The wine was an easy to drink wine, as it was only aged for five to six weeks and mostly in oak barrels.  Later on, during the flight while my Bride had another Scotch and Soda, I was enjoying a Rum and Coke, I mean let’s go with something safe.  There was a lady in the third seat that was raving about her wine to us, so out of respect for research, I had to order a glass for myself.  The Whistling Thorn Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay NV of South Africa was an easy drinking wine, but it paled after the earlier white wine that I had before boarding the plane.  I found the wine to be on the sweet side, but drinkable. Oh well, soon we would be arriving in Las Vegas, so life was good.

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2 Responses to Getting There…

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the gendering of alcoholic drinks. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a review of an in-flight wine; I’ve always considered in-flight drinks a means to an end, rather than something to enjoy… during my next flight I’ll have to pay more attention! I hope your trip to Vegas is lovely!

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