Cab Franc Day

For years I felt that I was the voice crying out in the wilderness, which is apropos, since my Armenian name translates to John the Baptist, I guess my Grandmother knew me, before I was born. Why do I say that I was the voice in the wilderness? I guess that is because I was enamored with Cabernet Franc years back and I tried to get others to try something new. I have also created a Cabernet Franc devotee with my Bride and I have not told her about the day and will surprise her this evening with something special. In the early days when finding good wines was the eternal quest, I discovered this grape. My wallet was not flush then and to be truthful, my wallet’s status has not changed. I have to applaud Lori and Michael of Dracaena Wines in Paso Robles for spearheading the movement to create Cabernet Franc Day.

In the early days, the most common wines that one could find in Michigan were Clarets and Cabernet Franc was one of the varietals used in blending that made the Bordeaux wines famous. I was even fortunate to discover some red wines from the Loire Valley, namely from Saumur and Chinon. I was even fortunate to have Chateau Ausone which is basically half Cabernet Franc, and I have had Chateau Cheval Blanc which is almost two-thirds Cabernet Franc, so some estates knew a good thing when they had it.

Lately the world has seemed to discover its merits as well. I have enjoyed wines from California, Ohio and even here in Michigan where it seems to be doing quite well. I have even discovered some wonderful Cabernet Franc wines made in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. They have even made some wonderful Ice Wines and I think that is what I may open tonight to celebrate. I hope everyone has the chance to open up a bottle of Cabernet Franc as well.

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