Black Friday

The common story that is related about Black Friday is it is the first day of the year that the major department stores show a profit, after all the shenanigans that they play for the first eleven months of the year. I have just about spent my entire career working for independent clothiers, so every day is important and Black Friday is just another day on the calendar. Black Friday has kind of morphed into this crazy day when people feel that they have to shop and it has disrupted the family day known as Thanksgiving. I guess it is because I can remember Blue Laws and days when families actually spend the day together, but retail is no longer the genteel industry that it once was. Thankfully for us, our shopping is done by Thanksgiving Day and we live like paupers to pay off all of the bills in December, so that we can get away in January.

I worked on Black Friday for part of the day and when I got home, it was almost like a repeat of the day before, except that most of the revelers were tired from the extended hours of shopping. The majority of the guests were here the day before, but there were some new faces to come and eat the left-overs, so that nobody would have to cook. We also had Ms. Yoga who came in that day to celebrate the weekend with us and it was her voice that greeted me first when I came in the front door. There was still plenty of food from the day before and I am sure that the dinner was a joyous respite from the travails of shopping at the malls. By the time I got there, they had all eaten and were just commiserating about the day’s adventures.

The dinner was perhaps a repeat, but there were new wines opened and poured. Two of the wines that were featured came from Sonoma County and it appears that they were appreciated. The first wine was from Martin Ray Vineyard and Winery, their 2016 Chardonnay. This was an easy drinking Chardonnay that was a blend of fruits harvested from Russian River, Sonoma Valley and Carneros. The wine was aged for a couple of months in French Oak, of which thirty-five percent were new and the balance were neutral to allow the fruit to shine. The other wine was one that I originally knew when it was made in Napa Valley and now it is produced in Sonoma. The Duckhorn Vineyards Decoy Pinot Noir 2015 was a good serviceable wine, but it is well made large production wine. It was aged for eight months in French Oak of which thirty percent was new. It was a nice dinner and there was not the urgency to leave like the night before and everyone was just savoring the meal and the rest.

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