Bocelli Prosecco

With Ms. Yoga in town, the families got some special time, first with ours and then the next morning with her family. We were going to meet at The Sardine Room, which is in downtown Plymouth and more or less centrally located for everyone. The Sardine Room, is the third restaurant owned by the same family and all the restaurants are right in a row on the main drag, and all three have sidewalk dining areas during the nice season. Of course, with a party of ten, we ended up eating indoors, because of the limited capacity on the sidewalk area. As with all families, messages got garbled in transmission and the restaurant originally had the reservation for eight, and my Bride and I grabbed a high top overlooking the big table and that was going to work out as far as we were concerned. Our waitress who was taking care of our high top, also was taking care of the party of eight and somehow, she commandeered another table to add and we all ended up dining together.

Sometimes when one hears the word brunch, visions of a long buffet table with chafing dish ad infinitum is pictured in one’s mind, or just a fancy word for a sit-down affair with some usual and some not so usual breakfast items; and that day it was the latter. There was quite an array of food being ordered and some of the younger nieces and nephews were in awe of the fanciness of the plating on their orders. My Bride and I had more of a classic selection for breakfast. My Bride had two eggs, bacon, house potatoes and toast. I went one step fancier and had Eggs Benedict with a ham steak, English Muffin, Hollandaise sauce and the house potatoes.

A lot of the people were enjoying the Bloody Mary drinks, which are quite popular for brunch, but my Bride and I went the real classic way and had Mimosas. The brought out a large carafe of Mimosas made at the bar, and I asked our waitress, if I could see the bottle of wine that was being used, expecting to see a popular Charmat Methode California sparkling wine, but instead the sparkling wine was from Italy. The wine used was Bocelli Prosecco Extra Dry NV and this is from a winery that was established in 1730, and currently they have vines on the property that are over seventy years in age. If the name sounds familiar, one of the current Bocelli family members is Andrea, who has made quite a name for himself with his singing, but here is a case where it is not a “celebrity” wine, as the winery predates the celebrity. The Bocelli family spread their winemaking a bit more and started partnering with others in Valdobbiadene-Veneto and starting making Prosecco in 2011. They partnered with Trevisol, who is considered the “first family of Prosecco.” All the wines produced by the Bocelli family are hand-harvested, without irrigation and also without the use of pesticides or chemical agents. The wine is pure Prosecco and has been aged for two months in the bottle and it was a delightful taste change for the Mimosas. The weekend was just made for families this time.

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