Keeping Up with Ms. Yoga

I have never asked her, but I am sure that Ms. Yoga must have been voted “Miss Popular” in high school. When she is in town, there is just a whirl-wind of activity and she attempts to see everyone on her list, both friends and clients. She can remind one of the “Tasmanian Devil” from the old Looney Toon cartoons that I watch on television as a child, and if they are no longer being shown and you are of a much younger generation, ask someone older for a description (if it is not available on Google or YouTube). I guess the yoga classes gives her boundless energy. She wanted to see some mutual friends and so we were off.

We all climbed into one car and went off to visit the friends at their home. Our mutual friends are retired, but they put out a marvelous spread for us to snack on while we were there. Sometimes a sumptuous table of munchies brought out in a sequence is much more nourishing and enjoyable than a sit-down feast. The flow of food and conversation was at the perfect pace and one cannot ask for more. As a side note, the jumbo shrimp were divine and it took vast amounts of will-power not to devour the entire platter.

We had taken a bottle of JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay 2015 with us, as this has become one of my Bride’s go-to wines these days, as it is an easy to drink Chardonnay for the price. The wine carries a California AVA designation as the fruit comes from Mendocino County, Santa Barbara County and Clarksburg. It is a commercial bulk wine that has some appeal, and since it is not done in oak barrels for aging, they use oak chips to impart the taste of the oak and the butter taste and texture that one gets from small batch Chardonnay wines. Our hosts brought out a bottle of wine that they wanted me to try, as they know my fondness for wines. We opened up a bottle of Leelanau Cellars Merlot 2012 from the Leelanau Peninsula. Now we had just got back from doing a few tastings up in that area and I was very impressed with the strides and quality that I was tasting in the red wines, as historically I had preferred the whites in the past. This wine confirmed my new thoughts. Leelanau Cellars is one of the older and larger wineries in that area, as they had originally started as a cherry orchard and processing facility and they planted their first batch of vines in 1974, and created their first commercially offered wines in 1977, and they now produce about two-hundred-fifty-thousand cases of wine a year. This particular wine was aged over one year in American oak and easily won nods at the table for its easy drinking flavor. Just another day of fun with Ms. Yoga.

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