Oh, Canada

We had a peaceful and serene way to celebrate Canada Day, while technically staying in the United States. We took a two-hour river tour on the Detroit River with another couple. The Diamond Jack’s company has a couple of boats that ply the river from a couple of different locations. One of their ports is in Detroit and the other is in Wyandotte, and we took the Wyandotte-Detroit Tour.

We travelled up river from Wyandotte along the Michigan coast line and saw some of the different parks, industries and marinas that naturally congregate on waterfronts. As we got into the Detroit area we saw the industry on Zug Island, the desolation of Delray, which is where they will be the site of the Gordie Howe Bridge from Detroit to Windsor. We also saw historic Fort Wayne which sits up overlooking the southern border of the United States protecting us from an assault from Canada; and yes, you did read that right Detroit is the only point where Canada is south of the border. We also went past the famed JW Westcott Mailboat, the only floating Zip Code in the country, and they make sure that the boats all get their mail in a timely manner. Our tour boat slowly started turning around as we were under the Ambassador Bridge and I can recall how I have always heard that my Grandfather as soon as he got back on the Canadian side of the bridge would exclaim how fresh the air smelled after leaving Detroit. On the return trip back to Wyandotte we saw the Canadian shoreline with its industries and the already to go area for the new bridge.

Once the boat left the dock, we could get some refreshments during our tour. It was quite sunny and the temperatures were in the eighties with a nice breeze, so we decided to have something chilled; and of course, that meant some wine. The wine selection was very limited and we opted for the safest choice, a few glasses of Pinot Grigio. The first wine was Belle Ambiance Pinot Grigio 2015 with a California AVA. Belle Ambiance Family Vineyards produce this wine that is geared for the bulk wine users, namely catering companies and restaurants. The wine is very inexpensive, no nuance or craftsmanship, but it did deliver a Pinot Grigio taste though a bit on the sweeter side. They ran out of this wine and the other wine that we ended up having was Coastal Vines Pinot Grigio 2016, also with a California AVA. This wine was blended with some French Colombard and it was much sweeter than the Belle Ambience. This was another wine that was made for bulk consumption and is under the auspices of the very large Bronco Wine Company. One observation that I noticed, is that after the initial tasting of a sweeter wine both times, perhaps it was the heat of the sun, but they both did go down rather easily. All in all, it was a most pleasurable way to spend a couple of hours doing something different without the expenditure of owning a boat.

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