Two “Notes”

Continuing on with my notes about Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc wines that I enjoyed at a wine tasting and the musical notations that the wine evokes from their patron Saint namesake. Sainte Cecile is for music and most of the wine labels have names that evoke the harmonious melody of the estate. The tasting was held at D.vine Fine Wines and it was a full house to sample all of these wines that carry the IGP Pays de Caux designation, which prior to tasting these wines, I may have cavalierly passed them on a merchant’s shelf. Christine Mouton Bertoli the charming wife of Stephane Mouton was the spokesperson for their winery and one immediately could feel the passion and the pride that she had in presenting her wares.

The second wine of the evening that we tasted was Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc Notes Franches 2012 and Christine added that this name was playfully chosen as kind of a pun if you will for being frank, France and for the Cabernet Franc. Cabernet Franc was the star of this wine as it was seventy percent of the blend with the other being Merlot and frankly I just adored this wine. Actually, after tasting this wine, I had to step outside from the hubbub of the crowd to phone my Bride to let her know that she was missing something that she would have just adored, as it is her favorite varietal; and being the potentially good husband I knew that I would have to get some of this wine and worry where I would store it later. This wine had an aging period of twelve months between small concrete vats and French Oak. This wine also showed I thought extremely well as it was with young eight-year-old vines that they had planted after taking over the estate.

The third wine of the evening had a delightful musical connotation. Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc Note d’Orphée 2013 was named for the legendary musician of Greek mythology Orpheus who it was claimed could charm all living creatures with his music, in fact he could even charm stones. This was a blend of eighty-five percent Syrah and the rest was Cabernet Franc and the vines were from eight to twenty-seven years old, so I would surmise that the Cabernet Franc vines were of the same as of the Notes Franches. This wine also had been aged for twelve months between small concrete vats and French Oak. This wine was enjoyable, but after having the Notes Franches and my own personal preference to Cabernet Franc as well, it had to take a back seat.

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