A Visit

My Favorite Daughter was in town with one of her cousins to attend several events on the same weekend, and she was even able to squeeze some time in for her dear old Dad. It was a nice visit and a delightful way to celebrate the time. It was not the best trip for her, only because when we saw her, she had already spent one night out with her cousins and friends that she grew up with and she had to change her hotel room twice that evening and still ended up with a room that had no air conditioning, so to put it mildly, she was not a happy camper and she had not slept when I saw her, so she will probably shoot me for publishing her photo.

We picked her up at the hotel that she was staying at and we were going to take her out for lunch, we asked her cousin to join us, but she was just going to try to relax, as they had so much more planned for the weekend. It was a Saturday afternoon and we started driving around Dearborn where she had been born and gone to school looking for a restaurant. We were surprised to see that her old favorite Kiernan’s had been leveled. I finally gave up thinking of places and we drove over to the Dearborn Inn, the first airport hotel in the country, but the airport across the street is no longer there. The hotel is owned by Ford Motor Company who originally built it, as accommodations for their visitors and it is now managed by the Marriott group. We stopped in to have a light lunch, but more importantly to just be together.

One may not be surprised that we had wine with our lunch, at least my Bride and I did, my Favorite Daughter just wanted some pop. Since my Bride was having French Onion Soup and a sandwich and I was having a plate of Mushroom Gnocchi with a Sage Cream Sauce, the wine selection was a bit unique. My Bride suggested something bubbly and we went with Segura Viudas Aria Estate Brut Penedes Cava NV. We have had other Cava wines from Segura Viudas and this was a new one for us and it was most pleasant. Segura Viudas was established in 1954, so it is the same age as I am, but the wine we had was much younger. The wine is a blend of Macabeo, Parellado and Xarel-lo, the three dominate wines of Penedes and the whole Catalonia region and this wine is made in the Methode Tradittionnelle way, years ago it was labeled Spanish Champagne, but they had to find a new name and it was called Cava for the original caves that were used for aging and storing the wines. It was a charming wine for the afternoon, made even better having the chance to spend some bonus time with one of the Vegas kids.

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4 Responses to A Visit

  1. I am reading this in Pedernes! We had a wonderful tasting and lunch at Segura Viudas. Also toured their vineyards on bikes. Your bride has good taste!

    • Michelle, I know, I have been following all of your assorted posts and it looks like you are having a wonderful time…Most of the time, my Bride has great taste, just one decision she may be having second thoughts on. LOL 😉

  2. My son was born in Dearborn. Kiernan’s used to be my favorite restaurant there. I wondered if it was still opened. Sounds like you had a nice time.

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