Abstract ’15 and Bavette

The weather was starting to get more agreeable in Las Vegas and we had made plans to have an adult dinner one night, of course two of the adults were our children. Where to go? As if there are not enough places to dine in Las Vegas, but my Bride wanted to have dinner at Echo & Rig, so it was easy for us, as all we had to do was cross the road and it was just a short trip for our children to get there as well, and nobody had to fight the traffic that is on The Strip.

It was also a chance for our children to have a night out in peace and to a restaurant that they would not normally go to, as raising families tends to reduce the amount of discretionary income that they have, and I have “been there and done that” as the saying goes. The menu at Echo & Rig is not massive and it is, as one would expect rather meat oriented, since they also have a butcher shop on the main floor. As to be expected, most of the dinners were filets and I would have ordered one myself, but I wanted to try something different. We also ordered several side dishes to be shared during dinner. There was Cauliflower with Chili de Arbol, crispy shallots and onions, Brussels Sprouts with pistachios and fresh lemon and we tried the Butcher’s Sausage. My Bride ordered Horseradish Crusted Butterfish with roasted root vegetable and a Tarragon Pinot Sauce. I on the other hand decided to try a meat that I had read about several times and felt that this would be the best place to try it. I had the Bavette with Béarnaise Sauce. The Bavette is the meat flap from the bottom of the Sirloin, it is thick and coarse if not cooked properly and full of flavor, it is considered one of the Butcher Cuts that are becoming more popular these days as restaurants are trying to use all the cuts from the animals. I was right, this was the perfect place to try this cut of meat. Of course, we ended up ordering a few desserts and we all just shared family style.

While most of the table was enjoying cocktails or beer, there were two standouts that had wine. My Bride had Cantina Valdadige Vallagarina IGT Pinot Grigio 2015. Vallagarina IGT is the main IGT for the Trentino-Alto Adige area of Italy and because the wine was pure Pinot Grigio and not one of the classic grape varietals for the region. The grapes were aged in Stainless Steel and had the crispness that one associates with a good Pinot Grigio, just a good sipping wine. I on the other hand went for a fuller bodied wine for the evening with Orin Swift Cellars Abstract 2015. Orin Swift Cellars originally made a name for themselves with the Zinfandel based The Prisoner which they eventually sold off, after it became a cult favorite. Their Abstract wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Petite Sirah that was aged for ten months in a combination of new and old French Oak. The wine carries a California designation because the fruit came from Napa Valley and Sonoma, Mendocino, Amador and El Dorado Counties. This wine was just big enough to compliment the full beef taste of my meal and I feel that it really should have more years in the bottle to really shine.  It was a fine evening and not having to worry about keeping the grandchildren entertained, though their presence was missed.

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