Cork & Thorn

I am always looking for new venues to try wines, and Cork & Thorn is one that I discovered through Social Media. As we took our daily walks from our hotel to Tivoli Village across the road we found this unique setting. This is a wine shop and a floral shop by Naakiti Floral. Upon walking into the shop one immediately noticed a large bar in the center. One can order an arrangement and while it is being created, one can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine and relax. They also offer classes on floral design and arrangement.

The shop was very quiet when we walked in, and I knew that they had only opened a week or two earlier, so I was not sure what to expect from the shop. We were greeted by the manager and I told him how I had discovered the shop and a mutual friend. The conversation slowly started building and I found out that the manager was from the East side of Detroit and we began discussing schools and areas, and I kind of brought him up to speed on the many, many changes that have occurred in Detroit since he had left the area. I tend to be a talker and the conversation went into all sorts of tangents and it was a pleasant experience.

Of course, all of that talking made my mouth a bit dry, so we settled on some wine, so that we wouldn’t dehydrate out in the desert, after all we were in Las Vegas. They were still working out the wine list to offer, so we settled on Lo Nuevo Covello Albarino Rias Baixas 2015. A very pleasant and easy to drink wine that evokes the flint from the terroir of the Rias Baixas district. To carry that designation, the wine must be a minimum of seventy percent Albarino, and this wine was pure Albarino. The wine is called Lo Nuevo because they use a modern approach to winemaking for the area, and they have adopted the small town of Covello as their mascot in name. The wine and the conversation was great and it was a splendid way to spend some time, until we would be back with the family later in the day.

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  2. Nancy Fry says:

    Can you just come in for a drink? A friend said it’s just a floral shop.
    We were planning on coming to hear Janinne Valentine, April 6th.

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