The Caller at Maru

Just when I think The Caller has disappeared, he sends me a couple of text messages to let me know that he is having a grand time without us. We don’t get a chance to be with them as often as we would like, but that is the way the world revolves these days. My Bride and The Caller work together, and it is through their employment that we get together. He has had quite a varied career and he is just one of the most enjoyable people that you would ever want to be across the table from for dinner and drinks.


His latest missive was that he and his wife were at Maru in Okemos, Michigan. Maru does Japanese cuisine and since they have opened up in 2009 in Okemos, they now have five other locations. As I have stated before, I am uncomfortable with foods from this part of the world, only because the cuisine is alien to me, and not a “feel good” situation for me, and over the years I have tried, but not very successfully. The Caller is much more open to all cuisines, as is my Bride, so it must be me. His message to me about the dinner was short and informative; “Sashimi and Sushi…wonderful spicy tuna, mackerel, Tempura Shrimp, calamari, and Fire House Shrimp.”

He also sent me photographs of the two wines that they were enjoying that evening with the meal and he thought that they both paired well with the spiciness of the dishes. I was also surprised at the choices of wines that the restaurant offered and they both were good choices, so they were doing their patrons a fine service. The first wine was Orion Wines PehhCora Pecorino 2014 with a Terre di Chieti IGT designation from Abruzzo in Italy. Pecorino is a white wine that is grown rather extensively in the Abruzzo region, but it is not one of the main grapes that has brought this area fame, hence the IGT listing. The wine is aged for six months in Stainless Steel and the ages another six months in the bottle before it is released. The Caller added his notes to this wine as “between a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc, clean with crisp notes. Went well with the spicy food.” The second wine I could also understand complimenting the spiciness of the food, as it was Belasco de Baquedano “Llama” Malbec Old Vine 2014. This wine is from the Alto Agrelo Valley, a highly-respected region of the Lujan de Cuvo district of Mendoza in Argentina. There are quite a few winemakers that take advantage if they can of these two areas. This wine was aged in French Oak for six months and then aged for another six months in the bottle before it is released as well. The Caller was a very happy man that evening, and my Bride and I both agree that it is time to get together with them soon.

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