A Wooden Box of Wine

chateau-lhorens-with-tap-2012Boxed wine is all the rage among the popular price wines and when goes into convenience stores and party stores, there is a myriad of cardboard containers filled with wine. I guess that it is much more practical as compared to the old days of jug wines in the big gallon bottles with a thumb hole for pouring. In fact, box wines, may account for more wine drinkers than any other segment of the market, because it is handy, priced economically and the wine is ready to drink, without the need of cellaring. We are in the world of instant gratification.
I was in a store recently that was serving wine to their customers and the wine came out of a wooden box, with the emblem of the winery branded onto the wood, in the same concept of the many wooden cases that I still have adorning the walls of my cellar. Sticking out of one side of the box was a small tap and in the box, was a plastic bladder attached to the tap and it held three liters of wine. I had to go online and find a better photograph of it, as I did not like the photo that I had taken of the box with the tap sticking out of it. I have to admit that it really tickled my fancy and the wine was a Bordeaux.

Chateau Lhorens Bordeaux Rouge 2012 was the wine and I had to look them up. The property was acquired in 1973 by a family of wine growers that goes back for four generations. Currently they are growing Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and they will soon have some Malbec as well. The wine is aged for ten months and then is ready for distribution, so it is made for the immediate market and hence their novel way of marketing the wine. I tried the wine and while I was not anticipating anything special, it was a fine wine for a party or a social gathering like where I encountered the wine. I have had worse wine, and just the novelty of the container should even get some non-wine drinkers to at least try some of the wine, and that is always good for the entire industry. After all, not every wine drinker starts with Chateau Latour or Petrus.

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1 Response to A Wooden Box of Wine

  1. AL POE says:

    Me wife buys 5 liter Wine boxes for 14 bucks now that she’s no longer a Beer drinker. Kroger seems to have the best price and sometimes CVS

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