Two Chardonnays

jam-cellars-butter-chardonnay-2015Ms. Yoga while she was in town for holidays, spent a full day with us and she had a full itinerary, but of plans that she wanted to accomplish as well. I was off that day, but I declined to spend the whole day with her, not because I don’t enjoy her company, but because I knew that she would have preferred to spend the time with my Bride. They were going to go shopping, visit a mutual friend that is in the midst of redoing her new home, have lunch and of course more shopping. They even had time to sneak in a movie, and they really didn’t me tagging along, as it was a Ladies day of things to do, and I understand that.
They eventually made it back to our house, and Ms. Yoga was going to spend the night, so I had preparations here as well as other things that had to be done while I was off. Originally, we were going to go out for dinner either at a Mexican restaurant or an Italian one, but it turned out that Chez Raconteur was where she wanted to be. That was not a problem, because if you ever saw our refrigerators and freezer, one would marvel how every square inch is utilized. My Bride has a phobia of being without food. So, we just had an ad hoc meal that evening from appetizers on out and we just sat in the breakfast nook having a grand old time.

Ms. Yoga is a Chardonnay devotee and my Bride is still very partial to it as well, and I would venture to say that there is always at least one open bottle of it in the refrigerator. We tried a couple of new wines, instead of our usual house brands. The first bottle that we opened was one that my Bride had tried on a whim and she had liked it. It was JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay 2015 and is made by John and Michelle Truchard, a husband and wife team of vintners, and they also own a boutique line of wines under the John Anthony label in Napa. The Butter Chardonnay was their venture into a popular price wine and the fruit came from Mendocino County, Santa Barbara County and Clarksburg, so the wine carried a California appellation. The Butter name came from their proprietary blend of oak, and they used oak pellets for the flavoring, instead of aging in oak barrels, which is becoming popular in the more affordable wines. The wine had that butter taste that so many people think of when they have a California Chardonnay. The second bottle that we opened was from an old standby for us, but a new label. We had a Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2014. Jess Jackson founded Kendall-Jackson in 1974 and his Vintners Reserve is found everywhere and is a staple wine for a huge part of the wine drinking populace. While both the Vintners Reserve and the Grand Reserve both carry a California appellation, the Grand Reserve comes from estate owned properties and the fruit comes from Santa Barbara County and from Monterey County. This wine I enjoyed a bit more, only because the oak was subtler and that seems to be my preference these days. It was just fun to catch up again with Ms. Yoga and we all had a great time.

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