Twas the Night Before the Eve

It was the night before Christmas Eve and one of my assorted characters arrived in town to visit with her family. Ms. Yoga came into town with her son and she wanted to meet up with us, before she settled in with her family for a couple of days. She is always a whirling Dervish when she arrives and she always has so many people that she wants to see when she gets back to her home town. She wanted to meet up at Fleming’s Steak House for some food, some wine and some conversation and some laughs. She also invited a couple of her brothers to come and join us, and the more the merrier.

We commandeered a table in the bar area as well as some additional chairs for the crowd. As we were looking at the menus, we took advantage of the House-made potato chips which were still warm, and they had changed the recipe as they are now sweet and spicy, and they didn’t last long. We first just ordered an assortment of small plates that we could all share from while we were chatting and catching up on what we had missed since the last time. We were nibbling on the House-made Burrata, Mushroom Raviolis, Filet Mignon Flatbread and Calamari. Afterwards several of us got the Prime Burger with cheese and bacon, and on the side French fries, onions, tomatoes and a wedge of lettuce. There is something about the burger in a steak house that always fits the bill for some casual dining.

And the wine was flowing during all of the conversation and the casual dining. There were several wines that evening, but I will discuss two of choices that night. The first wine was Terranoble Sauvignon Blanc 2015 from the Central Valley of Chile. Sauvignon Blanc has been grown very well in France, the United States, New Zealand and in Chile, as we as many other places around the globe as it noted for its refreshing tartness when it is young and it is very easy to drink. The Central Valley of Chile is the largest region and the appellation is akin to stating a California appellation as the fruit can be harvest from many areas across the region. I kind of splurged with a glass of wine with my burger, as I have heard good things about Daou Vineyards of Paso Robles in the Central Coast area of California. The Pessimist Red Blend 2015 was very tasty and not as jammy as one might expect, since it is a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Tannat and Grenache. The proprietary blend varies from vintage to vintage as I understand, and they do an admirable job creating a pleasurable wine, that even my Bride liked and she is not partial to Zinfandel. I even liked their tag line of “a pessimist is never disappointed” and I thought it was perfect for the wine, as one is never sure of a wine that has a unique name on the label. It was a very charming way to start the Christmas week with good friends and good wine.

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