Rose’s Restaurant

Many times a year I mention my dinner club and how we venture off to a different restaurant to have our meeting. It is up to the hosts for that meeting to determine the venue and often there is much duplication of sites, as the members get comfortable with the food and service of certain places. This time we ventured off to a new restaurant that I have to admit that I was not even aware of, but then I seldom go out in that direction, even though it is not far from my home. I think that it will be best to just let the owners discuss the history from their website as I think that they did it quite succinctly. “A long time ago in a little town called San Vittore, between Rome and Naples, Italy, a young boy of 13 named Guido, left with his mother Francesca to come to America to join his father Ernest. Ernest was already settled in Detroit. He worked for Ford Motor Company and then opened a restaurant in Detroit on Alexander and McDougal called Ernesto’s. They bought a farm in Canton in 1941 and started using their produce to make their recipes. When Guido was 22, he took a weekend trip to Brooklyn, New York. That is where he met Rose, it was love (amore) at first sight. She became his wife 1 year later in 1948. Rose moved to Canton, lived on the farm and worked at the restaurant. The restaurant was later sold to a church in 1965. It was Guido’s dream to have a restaurant just like his father. He bought the land where Rose’s now stands in 1952, but passed away in 1988 before his dream was realized. Rose and Guido had three sons Ernest, Chris and Richard. They decided to carry out their Dad’s dream. They built the restaurant in 1993 and named it Rose’s after their mother. Rose began working here and shared her recipes. Rose is still seen rolling silverware every Friday and Saturday night-except during the summer, when she is tending to her farm. The restaurant has many family pictures on the walls, just like at Rose’s home. We want you to feel like you are eating at our home. Thank you for dining with the Costantino family and please join us again.”

Mark West Pinot Noir 2014

The menu offering to the club was diverse enough to handle all of the members and it all appeared to be homemade and with out the fussiness of presentation. The meal started with a generous mixed salad and some wonderful hot bread, that was just torn apart by each dinner as the loaf was passed around the table. The entrée choices were Homemade Lasagna with homemade noodles. A New York Strip steak served with potato and vegetable. Veal Parmesan, an Italian breaded veal medallion fried and covered with the house’s homemade spaghetti sauce. Salmon with Dill Cream Sauce which was broiled and was also quite generous in portion was also part of the menu. The last entrée on the menu was Chicken Milano, which was sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms and garlic in a sherry cream sauce. The dessert for the evening was soft serve ice cream topped with hot fudge and finished with coffee. I selected the Chicken Milano and it was very well done, and while I am not a fan of New York Strip steak, the steaks that I saw that evening were very tempting.

MI Roses Menu Heading

While the restaurant had a full bar and lounge, I did find the Whiskey Sour cocktail to be on the light side and rather small and unassuming, but the others seemed to have no problems. The wine list was very short, depending more on the “house wines” and only three branded wines by the glass, though they had several more by the bottle offered. I selected for my dinner a glass of Mark West Pinot Noir California 2014. Mark West Winery was founded in 1978 and they point out that their one desire was to create remarkable California Pinot Noir that delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price. I have found Mark West Winery wines to be very safe choices when they are on the menu and I tend to select them as the best alternative often. In fact several of the members asked me, what I was going to go with and I told them, and several took my suggestion for the evening. I think the restaurant did a fine job for the large turnout that we had for the meeting, and I would not be surprised if we return there again at some point in the future.

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