Echo & Rig

While we were in Las Vegas, my favorite daughter wanted to go to this new restaurant and it was right across the street from where we were staying, and it was in the Tivoli Village in Summerlin. We are well acquainted with the location, because we go to a wine bar there, that I have written about over the years as well as just recently. Echo & Rig is rather unique at least to me, as they are not only a restaurant, but a butcher shop as well, a very upscale butcher shop, I might add. The possibility of purchasing aged beef as well as their charcuterie was very impressive. We had reservations for dinner, and the restaurant was jumping when we got there, in fact the downstairs where the butcher shop and oyster bar was mobbed and I was a bit concerned when I saw the crowds as I wondered whether there would be a delay for getting our table, as we were trying to get our table early, as we were still running to a degree on Detroit time. I was very happy that they seated us at our reservation time, and the tables were all upstairs away from the retail part of the business, and the bar along the side of the first floor.

Bodegas Luzon Seleccion 12 Crianza 2005

Our daughter and her husband started off with drinks, as they are not wine drinkers like we are and they also ordered some Kumamoto, Kusshi and Malpeque Oysters for appetizers as well as an order of the Wild Mushroom Soup. My Bride and I were happy to just enjoy some of the fresh baked bread and some conversation. They then ordered steaks with a side order of Asparagus and Eggs, which I though was good choices, since we were in a restaurant that was featuring some great cuts of beef on the main floor at the butcher shop. My Bride ordered the Colorado Lamb Porterhouse with potatoes, dried apricots and Violet Mustard, while I ordered “Mary’s Free Range Duck” that was seared to a Medium degree with Black Forbidden Rice, Marcona almonds, and Ginger Gastrique and we split an order of Brussels sprouts with pistachios and fresh lemon. All of the entrée orders were excellent and prepared properly.

NV Echo & Rig BC

Regular readers, about three by count and one is my Bride, are probably going to groan and say to themselves, well he is having duck, so he is going to have a bottle of Pinot Noir. I even surprised myself and chose a bottle of Bodegas Luzon Seleccion 12 Crianza 2005 from Jumilla, Spain. The wine was intriguing to me, the main grape varietal for this region is Monastrell, which to the rest of the world is known as Mouvedre, and accounts for about eighty percent of the production in Jumilla. Monastrell is usually blended with the prestige Spanish varietal Tempranillo and sometimes it is blended with Merlot; this wine was a blend of Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot. What a charming and delightful wine this was, it was harmonious with the lamb, as well as with the duck, and from what I could discern would have been tremendous with the aged beef steaks as well. Everything about this restaurant was perfect, and the manager came by a couple of times to make sure that we were enjoying the evening, and she even suggested that if we had the chance to stop by and try their brunch that they served on the weekends and we thought about it, while we were enjoying the night.

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