Trius Winery at Hillebrand

The last time we were in Niagara-on-the-Lake we had stopped at Hillebrand Winery and were impressed by the winery facility and the wines. We had tried some of the Hillebrand wines, as well as a couple of the Trius wines that they were offering. We also tried to have dinner at the Trius Restaurant, but they were no tables left, so we had to eat elsewhere, so we made sure this time and we had a reservation. Hence Hillebrand Winery was the last stop for the day after trying several other wineries that day. The next time that we go to this area, we will have to allow ourselves more time, because there are just so many wineries to stop at.

Trius Showcase Red Shale Cabernet Franc 2012

Of course at Hillebrand Winery, as well as every other winery that we had stopped at that day, there were people milling all around at all the tasting counters and this was surely from all the tour busses that I had seen all day long. As we walked along the racks and racks of wines that were for sale, while we were waiting for an opening at one of the counters, I noticed the Loft. I went to an employee of the winery and asked what the Loft was, as I guess that I am either nosey or inquisitive. I was informed that it was where the Trius wines were offered for tasting, as well as for sale. Trius Wines were begun in 1989 at Hillebrand and they were the top tier of the winemakers craft, they also offered their Showcase collection there. I was also informed that the wine tasting at the Loft would be more expensive and I guess that piqued my curiosity even more, so I asked if the Loft was open. They told me that there was no one up there at the moment, but they would find us a hostess that would take us up there for tastings.

Trius Grand Red 2012

Our hostess took us up there, and while we were chatting, as I tend to be verbose, she asked where we were from and she wouldn’t take “Detroit” as an answer. It turns out that she had family in one of the Northern Suburbs, so she was well acquainted with the Detroit area, so we ended up chatting like long lost friends, we were working a bit against the clock, because of our dinner reservation, but she directed us to some of her favorite wines. We tried several, but I will only mention the wines that we ended up buying. The last time at the winery we had tried their “Meritage” style wine called Trius Red, and it was good, but not as exciting as it could have been. She smiled and told me that we had to try Trius Grand Red 2012 and she was so right. The Grand Red was a classic Bordeaux Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc and it was one of the best wines that we had tasted that day. The wine carried the Four Mile Creek VQA, which is the largest sub-appellation of the Niagara-on-the-Lake VQA. I knew that we had to have some of this wine before we left. The other wine that we had to have will be totally understandable, because of my Bride. We tried the Trius Showcase Red Shale Cabernet Franc 2012, which was also from the Four Mile Creek VQA. The other notable quality of this wine was that the fruit was all harvested from the Clark Farm Vineyard; hence the Showcase designation and it really hit the spot for our enjoyment of Cabernet Franc, the wine of choice for my Bride. We finished our tasting and made our purchase of wines, and our hostess also called the restaurant to let them know that we would be there in a few minutes, as we were running late. My Bride went to get the table and went to the car to drop off our purchases in the trunk along with all of the other treasures that we had bought that day.

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  1. We had dinner there a few years ago and it was excellent. I found their reds to be good, not great. Really loved their ice wines though. Those were exceptional.

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