North Carolina

North Carolina Wine Month is celebrated in September, according to the Wine Lovers Calendar. One of the joys of writing The Wine Raconteur beyond the actual drinking is to learn more about wines, which is fun. At this point in my life, fun is good.

North Carolina September

Alas, I have never had the chance to try an actual wine from North Carolina or have visited any of the over one hundred wineries in the state. It is one of the oldest wine growing regions in America, which I did not know and that at one time it was the leading producer of wines in the country, that is until Prohibition, which put the halt to almost all wine production. The most popular varietals that are grown in North Carolina are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and Viognier. North Carolina is also home to wine that is native to America, and is considered one of the oldest cultivated grapes in the world, which is locally called Scuppernongs and is related genetically to the Muscadine grape, and it has been grown in North Carolina for about four hundred years of record. North Carolina is also home to four established wine districts; Yadkin Valley, Swan Creek, Haw River Valley and Upper Hiawassee Highlands.  The two illustrations that I am using are from sites that I found on the internet.


While admitting that I have never had a wine from North Carolina, my Bride and I have had the good fortune to have visited a dear friend in the state and have discovered some great restaurants and have gone to some wine tastings while there, but that is for another day or two and another story or two.

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4 Responses to North Carolina

  1. Thanks for recognizing NC Wine Month. However, more than writing about our viticulture and wine tourism industries I think you should definitely experience our award-winning wines. And I know where you can find them and have them shipped to you 🙂 But beyond that, people throughout the east coast and particularly in the SE should save the time and expense of flying out to Napa and Sonoma. Our Yadkin Valley (that very dense area on your map above) is home to over 40 wineries. You just drive 5 or 10 miles and you will be at another one with beautiful tasting rooms and fabulous patios over looking the vineyards where you can enjoy your wine tasting and pick up a bottle and go outside and relax in the many NC style rocking chairs. I hope you will soon explore and discover North Carolina wine. Cheers.

    • Deborah,
      Thank you for discovering my article and I appreciate your passion for your North Carolina wines. I agree with you that I must try some of the wines and get back down there and actually visit some of the wineries. – John

  2. I still have a fondness for the Biltmore Estate’s Century Red Blend. If you’re ever in Asheville the Biltmore is a must see.
    Best regards and Happy New Year!

    • Ernest, I shall take that fully into consideration. I have only been to Charlotte and a couple of other communities, but the Biltmore is on my list to see and to visit. The wine also sounds wonderful as well. Thank you and may you have a great New Year as well. – John

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