Charley’s Crab

“Chuck Muer restaurants, serving the good taste of America” is the slogan on the back of a match box, when restaurants wanted you to keep a memento of your dinner. The Chuck Muer restaurants are scattered around the Metropolitan Detroit area, and we have also dined at one in Ohio, as well as in Florida, so he has done something right, and the organization has continued to maintain itself, even after the mysterious disappearance at sea of him, which is a story all to itself and not really germane to this article. In my earlier days, I was much more provincial in my travels for dinner and drinks, but with my Bride at my side, distance was not an issue any more. Charley’s Crab was in Troy, Michigan during the day, but alas it is closed, but there is still one in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in Palm Beach, Florida.

KJ Chardonnay 1999

Charley’s Crab like most of the Muer restaurants leans heavily towards fish and seafood. One night we started out with shrimp cocktails for an appetizer. My Bride went for a Caesar Salad and I chose a Spinach Salad, there is something about a warm bacon dressing that appeals to me. My Bride had a salmon plate and I went with shrimp done with butter and garlic. I guess we both can be pretty predictable at times. Though I usually opt out of salmon, as that is a dish we enjoy at home, so why order it out, and then I think the same about Caesar Salad, but that is just me.

MI Charley's Crab MB

When the wine list is not that great, I will go to a tried and true friend. It may not be exciting, but I do want a wine that I will feel good about. Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay Vintner’s Reserve 1998 was the choice that evening. It is listed as a California wine, so the grapes are harvested across the state, but it is always a safe bet. Not every dinner can be or will be graced by some exotic or famous wine, but then some dinners and venues do not require one either. To date, I have not been let down with a bottle from Kendall-Jackson, and I do hope that I never will.

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