View Wine Bar at Tivoli Village

Sometimes an outsider can introduce the locals to a new restaurant. That was the case in hand. Going out for lunch recently I suggested a restaurant that we had gone to before, but out son and daughter-in-law had not been to. I had wrote about the View Wine Bar at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas, the last time we were there the “village” had just opened, and now I see that they are building a second phase to the project. Tivoli Village has the feel of a small village downtown area with shops and restaurants; I am presuming that the next phase will be condos or apartments in one of the structures.

Ellena Langhe Nascetta 2011
We were just meeting for a light lunch, as we were all getting together for dinner later that day with the grandchildren and our daughter’s family as well. We started off with a Charcuterie plate as we were all just relaxing. Then our son and his wife shared an order of a Triple Angus Cheddar Burger and Fries Poutine. It was funny, but with all of the dishes, when I looked back at my notes, my Bride and I had ordered the same items again. She had a bowl of Butternut Squash soup with a Tempura Banana and I had the Lobster Mac with a Brandy Cream.

Las Rocas de San Alejandro Rose 2012
For our beverages our daughter-in-law had iced tea and our son was enjoying beer. My Bride and I went and tried some of the wines that were offered by the glass. Our first wine was La Marca Prosecco NV. La Marca Winery is named after the La Marca Trevigiana zone of Italy’s prosecco region, named after the town of Prosecco near Trieste in Northern Italy. This wine is made using the Glera varietal which is a white grape that is noted for this area, and is made in the Charmat Method, which is a bulk wine production technique to produce sparkling wines. It is a little sweeter and has fewer bubbles compared to other sparkling wines. The next wine that we tried as it was a warm day was Las Rocas de San Alejandro Rose 2012. This is a wine made from the Garnacha (Grenache) varietal made in the village of Calatayud in the Aragon region of Spain. I was very surprised at this wine as it was much sweeter, as I was expecting a dryer rose wine, especially from this grape. My Bride said it reminded her of the White Zinfandel wines that some of her family members enjoy and she did not enjoy this wine, but I persevered with it. Our third wine that we tried was Ellena Langhe Nascetta 2011, which was floral in the nose and crisp in the taste. This was a new varietal for me, and I have found out that Nascetta is the leading white wine grape in Langhe and the Piedmont area where this wine is from.

La Marca Prosecco NV
It was a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon, try some different wines, and to introduce our son to a new venue. I do hope that he goes back there some more, as he was talking about some homes that he was looking at in the area.

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