Trattoria Andiamo in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

Trattoria Andiamo is one of the more casual dining spots of this noted Detroit area chain of Italian restaurants.  The original location gets the most attention, and recently they did an experiment and tried some of the locations as an Italian steak house, but they are now being converted back to the original concept.  The entire chain offers good Italian cuisine without being fussy and offers a large meal for the price.  One does not leave hungry from any of the locations, at least we haven’t in all of our travels. 

 Torre Di Luna Merlot 1993

Trattoria Andiamo is located on the East side of the Detroit area, near where my Bride is from, and we have stopped there on many occasions.  A typical dinner there would start with an appetizer of Sausage and Peppers followed by an Antipasto Salad.  I tend to order a veal dish, as this is a meat that we have never tried preparing at the house, so I consider any veal dish as a treat.  My Bride will order something like Chicken Spiedini or a pasta dinner like Lasagna.  There is never any surprises,  when we go there, just good food and good service and what more can you ask for?

 MI Trattoria Andiamo MB

One of the wines that we have enjoyed over the years at the Trattoria, as we try to mix it up and not repeat a wine if possible, was Torre Di Luna Merlot 1993.  This wine comes from the Trentino area which is the Southern half of the Trentino-Alto Adige wine district in Northern Italy.  As I noted this particular bottle was a Merlot, while the traditional Trentino Rosso is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  With Italian wines, it is sometimes necessary to know the geography of the country, plus the main varietals of a district, but this particular wine was very easy and listed plainly on the label; I am sure that it was done with the American wine market in mind. 

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