Terry’s of Charlevoix

One of the great charms of living in Michigan is the ability of visiting some of the great resort areas in the state.  In the Northern part of the Lower Peninsula is the wonderful city of Charlevoix.  It is a great area for walking around looking at the boats and yachts, shopping and dining.  We have been there many times, sometimes I have been there as a spouse accompanying my Bride on a trip for business and other times we just go there for fun.  I have to admit that either way it is always a grand time.

 Chateau Chantal Gewurztramine 2003

One of the times that we were there we were with a number of couples and we were going out to dine.  There are many locations in the city as well as the surrounding area.  We were touted to go to Terry’s which is adjacent to the more casual Villager Pub, but as I understand owned by the same person.  We decided to go to Terry’s, not because we wanted to spend more money for dinner, but we were informed that it was an experience in finer dining.  The group we were with all agreed that sounded more enjoyable for the evening.  To start things off properly my Bride and I shared an order of Escargot in a classic presentation.  This was followed by a house salad, and as some of you may know, I do not get overly excited about a salad course.  My Bride had one of her favorite dishes Whitefish Almandine, and I ordered “Long Island Duckling with Cherry Sauce” which is not that surprising as I tend to order a duck dish whenever I can.  The sauce was a little out of my realm as I am not a big fan of sweet with an entrée, but it was not cloying and since that part of the state is just as famous for their cherry harvest as for their wine harvests.  Of course after dinner, I did share a wonderful sweet dessert, is there any other type to enjoy, of a well made Chocolate Soufflé.

 MI Terry's BC

We ended up ordering a white wine for dinner, even though I am more prone to order a Pinot Noir selection with duck; several of the others were ordering fish or seafood and I thought that I would try to introduce them to a white wine that they had not tried.  The restaurant had several Michigan wines being offered and some were from one of the wineries in the Traverse City area that we always try to visit, not only for the wines, but it is so picturesque as well.  I had ordered a bottle of Chateau Chantal “semi-dry” Gewurztraminer 2003.   The Gewurztraminer varietal I have found does very well in Michigan and I just love the natural spiciness of the wine.  I find it to be very pleasant with a variety of foods, and it paired very well with my duck and it was an easy choice for the whitefish as well.  In fact, the table ended up going through a couple more bottles of this wine, as the other diners enjoyed the spiciness of the wine with their individual plates for dinner as well.  After dinner, we all took a leisurely stroll out on the boardwalk nearby to watch the boats and get some exercise after a most pleasant dinner.

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