Garage Grill & Fuel Bar in Northville, Michigan

Holidays and special event days, can create havoc on restaurants.  There have been times when the regular menu has been usurped and a “special menu” to commemorate the day has been introduced.  Since we tend to dine out frequently, we decided to bypass dinner on St. Valentine’s Day and have a late, leisurely lunch instead and then go off to the cinema, during the dinner time.  We went to Garage Grill & Fuel Bar, which is usually just referred to as “the Garage” in Northville, Michigan.  It is a theme restaurant that has made the most of rehabbing a former gasoline station, though the building had been a retail store in between the two businesses cited.

 Cain Cuvee NV9

My Bride had one of the house specialties, the Studebaker Salmon which was plated with Cannellini beans, wild mushrooms, acorn squash, baby kale, quinoa, and maple horseradish sauce.  While I enjoyed another house specialty, the Garage Burger, which was chopped Black Angus, with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese on a brioche.  I also have to mention that the French fries were great, and I hardly ever eat them, as I usually find them to be so bland.

 Garage Wine Bag

As I was looking over the wine list, my Bride was getting ready to order a split of Prosecco with our waitress, and I took the chance to over-ride her request with a bottle request of my own.  I requested the wine by the bin number, and I had to smile as I watched her race through the numbers on the wine list until she found the wine that I had ordered.  She smiled and accepted the fact that I had abruptly cancelled her order without a discussion.  I had ordered a bottle of Cain Cuvee NV9, from a winery that we had visited in our trip to Napa.  The first years of Cain Cuvee had an actual vintage year, and some time back, they decided to go with the NV (envy) designation because they like to say “two harvests, four varietals.”  The notation NV9 denotes “Non-Vintage” and the 9 stands for ’09, as the second harvest was ’08.  While this wine would be considered a “Meritage” it does not use that term on the label, as I believe Cain was doing the “Bordeaux” blend, before the society was formed, so the only designation on the label is Napa Valley.  This particular wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot and every NV seems to have a different percentage of each varietal to achieve the taste that they are looking for.  Since they have changed the laws about wine consumption in a restaurant in Michigan, we were not in a hurry to finish the bottle and asked for a bag to take the unfinished bottle back with us.  I was very impressed with the fancy clear plastic wine bag that they put the recorked wine into; not only was the wine sealed, but the handled bag was also sealed, and I had to use scissors to take the wine out of the bag.

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