Excalibur in Las Vegas, Nevada

My Bride and I have been blessed with children and now we have grandchildren, which is a double blessing.  Two of our children live out in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This is not my first choice to reside, but it is their choice for a myriad of reasons.  Call me old fashioned, but I still think of Las Vegas in the old days, when it was a “family” run town and not a “family destination” as it is today.  When I think of Las Vegas I immediately think of “Bugsy” Siegel, The Rat Pack and dressing to the nines just to go out and give the casinos my money.  Those days I now lament, as the new Las Vegas is unrecognizable to anyone that has not been there for twenty years.  I guess that is alright, as all things in life are dynamic, and if they do not change they will wither and die.  This is so true for Las Vegas.

 Yellow Tail Shiraz 2004

Well I have grandchildren that live out there, so what can I do, but find things to do with the grandchildren while we are there.  We do try to make the most of each trip and to spend as much time as possible.  One night the ten of us went to the Excalibur Hotel for a dinner show.  Now let me preface this by saying this is a hotel that I normally would not go to, as it personifies all that has changed in Las Vegas for the worst, in my humble opinion.  Be that as it may, we were going to the Excalibur for the dinner theater.  I must say that the arena that was built for this show was very impressive, as it was a show in the round centering on the Knights of the Round Table.  There were jesters and jugglers, kings, queens and wizards and there were jousting matches with charging steeds.  All in all it was a fine show and the grandchildren had a ball.  They also enjoyed the dinner part of the dinner show.  Normally we take the families out for a night of dining, where they have to be dressed and eat like young gentlemen and ladies.  Here the food was brought out to be eaten, as if everyone was Henry the Eighth.  The kids were ecstatic as everything was designed to be eaten with the hands.  My Bride and I requested service ware, as we did not want to eat with our fingers.  Please beg my indulgence that I cannot remember what was served, as this was not in the realm of my comfort zone, but the children were in their glory.

 Yellow Tail Shiraz Label

I do remember ordering the finest wine that was offered by the bottle for our dinner, as our children and their spouses were content to order cocktails.  We had a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz 2004 which is made in South Eastern Australia.  Yellow Tail is a major “brand” in the wine industry, and Shiraz is a varietal that has blossomed and excelled in Australia.  I do remember that this was the best part of the dinner, as far as I was concerned.

NV Excalibur MB

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  1. This made me smile…:)

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