From OZ to 609 oz

We went to see the new movie that was shot in a suburb of Detroit, by a native Detroiter.  The movie was “Oz the Great and Powerful.”  It is a film that is a prequel to the classic film “The Wizard of Oz.”   Just as the original starts in Kansas and is shot in black and white, so does this film.  I do not want to give anything away for anyone that wants to see this new movie, suffice it to say that Glinda is much prettier in this film, but the Wizard in the new film does not have the twinkle in the eye that Frank Morgan had in the original.

MI OZ ticket


We went and saw this film in all of its glory in 3D and in the IMAX setting.  For fantasy films of this nature, it is a natural for all of the cinematic tricks that one could conjure up.  It is a great way to spend some time and to have total fun.

Sterling Meritage 2010


All of this leads to a stop we made on our way home.  We had to stop at our favorite grocery store, which is more of a specialty store.  Of course I just realized at the writing of this, that we forgot again to place an order for a full leg of lamb for one of the courses that we will be serving for Easter at our house.   I think we forgot because as we walked by the wine department we found a special promotion for some wine that we have already purchased and I have talked about in other articles.  The special was on Sterling Winery in California, their 2010 Meritage and their 2011 Chardonnay wines.  The price was so charming that we bought a case of each wine.  I would recommend both of these wines to have in the house as they both deliver excellent taste and quality and since they were both around eight dollars a bottle, it was a done deal.

Sterling Chardonnay 2011

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