IL Posto Ristorante

This was one of the original high powered Italian restaurants in the Detroit area, and it was geared to the expense account crowd.  The story I had heard was that a power business magnate was so impressed by this restaurant in Florida that he brought the restaurant to Detroit, so that he could enjoy it in town.

MI Il Posto Ristorante MB


This was the first Italian restaurant that did not bring out a plate of pasta as one of the courses, as was standard at most of the restaurants of the era.  This created some discussions among the diners, because they were used to such a dish, being part of the entire meal.



This was a dining experience more akin to a fine French restaurant, then an Italian restaurant.  There were wonderful veal, chicken, seafood and beef dishes that were works of art in presentation and in their culinary details.  It was one of the first venues that used a large plate with the food placed artistically on the plate, which was a novel concept at the time.  At that time, most people were used to having large plates filled with food with out the artful arrangements.

Allegrini Amarone Classico 1969


The restaurant also had a very fine wine list, that was very Italian in theme, while there were some traditional choices, they had a some very esoteric choices and some very expensive wines that were unknown except to only the most knowledgeable wine enthusiasts at the time, I was not that well schooled, still not sure how well schooled I am, looking at all of the wines.  I opted for a F.LLI Allegrini Amarone Classico 1969.  I am very partial to Amarone wines, as I have discussed the special way this wine is produced in other articles.

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