Bayside, A Seafood Grill and Bar in Naples

When you are in Naples, Florida during the season even with all of the additional traffic and crowds it is a pleasure to be there.  The beautiful rose or pink Ritz Carleton Hotel is a landmark for years and a delight to visit.  Somehow when you are in Naples it is always fun and relaxing.


FL Bayside MB


We went out one night for dining at Bayside which is at Venetian Village and Bay in Naples, which was a short drive from the hotel.  The restaurant is a little complex of identities.  They have a delightful bar on the street level looking out on the bay, the Grill is on the second floor with a beautiful view of the area, and there is also an upper deck bar in an open air terrace with a much more casual setting.  We opted to enjoy ourselves in the Grill as we are always dressed for dinner.


The restaurant has a mix of different offerings from oak grilled steaks, a Mediterranean mix of pasta dishes and a great selection of fresh fish offerings.  We had Crab Spring Rolls and an order of Crab Cakes to begin with.  My Bride had a grouper that was encrusted with pistachio and macadamia nuts, while I enjoyed a roasted duck dinner that was glazed with Chambord.

Roussette de Savoie Les Recailles 2001


We tried a wine that I have not seen since, so I am glad that the label came off so well.  It was a Roussette de Savoie from the French Alps region.  Les Rocailles by Pierre Boniface is one of the largest producers from this area.  Some of the wines from the Savoy region are made from Chardonnay grapes, but when it has the Appellation Roussette de Savoie Controlee designation the wines are made from the Roussette or Altesse grape and the Chardonnay grape.  The wine has a more floral nose with a bit of honey, so it is not like a typical Chardonnay wine.  It paired very well with the nut encrusted grouper, and I really thought it was harmonious with the Chambord glaze of the duck.

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