The Chop House

Another time my Bride and I were in Ann Arbor for the Art Fair, which is multiple Art Fairs; under one large umbrella and it was wall to wall people looking and shopping for art works.  We were having a grand old time and after walking who knows how many blocks and looking at a large assortment of different art and crafts, we had worked up a hunger, and not to mention a thirst.   Most of the restaurants that we walked up to had large lines out onto the sidewalk, which was not the best thing to see when one is getting hungry.  Then we came up to The Chop House which was a relatively new restaurant on the street, and there was not a line.  My Bride looked at me and said that either the restaurant is very expensive or the food is not good.



I looked at the menu that was posted and found nothing to dislike either in choices or price.  They also had venison as part of the regular menu, which intrigued me.  I walked up to the main desk and asked if there was a dress code, as the restaurant was impressive in appearance.  I had a pair of khakis and a blazer with a sport shirt.  The gentlemen at the desk laughed and told me that this was Ann Arbor and all attire works in the restaurant.  So we went in.



We started off with French Onion soup.  My Bride tried a dish that was simple but excellent of Lump Crab meat, and I opted for the venison, which had intrigued me before we entered.  The service was excellent and so was the food.  The only thing that puzzled me was why the low turnout for this fine establishment.  I could only surmise that most of the people that were milling around the Art Fair were not interested in fine cuisine or they presumed that the restaurant was too expensive.  At later visits, we found the restaurant bustling with diners, so perhaps my presumption was correct.


We enjoyed a Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.  It was a Robert Mondavi Reserve wine.   It was a classic interpretation of Napa Valley’s most popular wine varietal.   The wine had a deep color with a good nose and a good finish.  An enjoyable wine with a good meal; cause for us to have ventured back there a couple more times.

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2 Responses to The Chop House

  1. myweeklywine says:

    Sounds nice. We don’t get crab here – presumably crabs off the South African coast are no good to eat. I do love it though, and especially liked crab cakes when I was in Washington DC.

    • thewineraconteur says:

      Well, I am sorry to hear that you are deprived of crabs in South Africa, here we have a chance to try them different types and different preparations. Though it is probably a trade off as you have exotic offerings that we do not have.
      We shall enjoy a cyber clinking of wine glasses this evening.
      – John

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