Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese

I am a member of private dinner club, and I have enjoyed this club for many years.  Part of the charm of this group is that you and two other members are the host for an evening and then you dine on someone else’s dime for the rest of the year.  Each group selects the restaurant and makes the decision regarding the menu for the evening.



For a couple of years, one of our members also had a membership in the Bavarian Club of Detroit.  I am not even sure, if that is the proper name, but it is how we would refer to it.  For two years running, I was able to enjoy the same type of wine from two different wineries.


The wines were from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer district of Germany.  They came from the town of Urzig, hence Urziger, just like someone from Detroit would be a Detroiter.  They both came from the vineyard Wurzgarten, and they both were Spatlese designations.  For the two years that we had dinner at the club, several of the members, me included found these wines to pair wonderfully with the cuisine of this club.  Even though the wines had the Pradikat of Spatlese, they were not overly sweet which may have fought the flavors of the food.


I don’t make a claim to be an authority on any wine, but my knowledge of German wines may be the weakest, but I still try to learn.  My own form of Continuing Education, where I am home schooled and I do appreciate the homework.

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9 Responses to Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese

  1. You continue to make me smile…and I indulge in the happiness that I took you to two wineries in the area and into the vineyards via my blog…:) I wish I had ever had a Wuerzgarten from those years…

    • thewineraconteur says:

      Yes, I am a student to you, when it comes to wineries of Germany. That is why I keep reading, and I must continue tasting and reassessing.
      Though I must confess that I had those wines long before I even knew about blogging (it wasn’t even a word then). I still have a few more stories about German wines up my sleeve.

      • the winegetter says:

        Very much looking forward to them! You should have asked your wife to pick up a bottle of the Ockfener Bockstein I just reviewed at Costco!

      • thewineraconteur says:


        I am running out of room for storage, so I must do some more tasting, to make additional space. We did get some of the magnums for the holidays on your suggestion. We are looking forward to trying them.
        – John

      • the winegetter says:

        Great! I hope they will not let you down! Just don’t expect more than I promised: a solid chianti, nothing stellar. 🙂 And anytime you need help in your cellar, let me know…;)

      • thewineraconteur says:


        You may not believe this, but I have received offers like yours before, and I have made the same offer to some other people as well. LOL.

        – John

      • the winegetter says:

        Hahaha. What goes around, comes around.

  2. Hey, whoa, slow down! If there is going to be ANY cellar clearing, I better get an invite….

    • thewineraconteur says:

      It will be a party for sure. I always say one good weekend.
      That is part of my cellar on the masthead, and I built it and decorated it, and then I filled it and then I filled, ad infinitum. LOL.
      – John

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