1913 At the Plaza – Grand Rapids

Here is another in my many reminiscences of traveling as a spouse with my Bride on a business trip to Grand Rapids.  There was a conference and we were staying at the Am-Way Grand Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  My Bride always insists on staying in the old part of the hotel as she feels that there are more ambiences, while the new section just feels like most other hotels.


While she was at work, I got to wander around the downtown area and visit some of the sites of the city.  It was a very nice afternoon to just wander and look around.  There is an interesting building that people were telling me about, but I did not get a chance to go there called B.O.B, which stands for Big Old Building that I guess has been retrofitted with a cluster of places of interest for people that have attained the age of majority.  I did take a walk and a short tour of the Gerald Ford Museum and Library on the other side of the river.


We had dinner that night, at the 1913 Room at the hotel.  The choices for dinner and the wines were pre-selected, which is fine for a group session.  There was shrimp for an appetizer, a salad and a filet mignon for dinner.  It was an excellent meal, with no complaints from my Bride or from me.  There was a choice of three wines that evening; a Chardonnay, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon.   I chose the Cabernet Sauvignon which was a Beringer Knights Valley 1991 and found it very appealing.  It paired very with will the filet mignon, much better then I thought a Merlot wine would.  Also I remember that I looked at the Merlot and I did not know the winery and when I saw that this wine had the Knights Valley designation, which sealed my choice.  When you are given a limited selection, make a fast study of the options and don’t look back, just like when you were taking exams in school.

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