A Cruise on the Detroit River

On many of the business meetings that my Bride attends, I get the bonus of going with her.  It is a great perk, a chance to meet different people and have new experiences.  One night we went on a cruise on the Detroit River on one of the two yachts from Infinity Yacht Charters.  The yacht that we were on was designed for corporate or large party affairs.


We boarded the yacht, when it was moored on the east side of Detroit and prepared to have a good time.  We had a lazy slow cruise up and down the river looking at both landscapes of Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.   We went under the Ambassador Bridge and went passed the historic Fort Wayne in Delray/Detroit.  This fort was originally built to protect the border from the onslaught of marauding Canadians and British troops just after our country was founded.  It was a good night, because there were no attacks that evening.



We also enjoyed a little dinner show, some Irish dancers, a la Lord of the Dance, which was at its peak of popularity at the time.  The dancers were very animated and enthusiastic even braving their art on a “stage” that rolled a bit from the movement of the river.


The food that evening was mostly appetizers or finger food that was set up in different sections of the yacht.  Naturally everyone had their favorites and some areas were a little harder to maneuver and enjoy then others, but it was all good and tasty.  The bar was more focused on mixed drinks and beer, and the organizers chose a well branded bar for the attendees.  The wine selection was a standard mix and I find that it is always best to go safe at soirees of this nature.   We enjoyed drinking Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, which worked out well with most of the small plates of food.  This Chardonnay was buttery or creamy as some prefer to call it and it went well, except with the few red meat offerings, but since it was not a sit down dinner, one goes with the flow.  All in all, a safe wine pick is the best, and makes an enjoyable time ever better.

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  1. So you’re a first gentleman, so to say….:)

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