Dinner on the Patio

One of my Bride’s friends invited us over to her house to have dinner with her and her friend.  We graciously accepted and looked forward to the dinner, as her girlfriend attends many cooking classes around town.  My Bride told me the night before, that the menu was changed because of my peccadilloes about foods, but that it was nothing serious.  My Bride was making the dessert and I grabbed a couple of bottles of wine for the dinner.



A most enjoyable dinner it was.  For an appetizer she found one major crescent shell that she filled with whole Brie and some preserves and baked it to a golden brown.  After wards her friend made his version of Seared Ahi Tuna with a special drizzle.   Then she prepared individual salads with heirloom tomatoes and mixed greens and an aged Balsamic dressing.   The main entrée was roasted pork with wild rice and mushrooms.  For dessert we had a fresh baked chocolate pie.


I brought two different wines for the evening.   I started off with a Sola Chardonnay 2008 which was a blend of Napa Valley and Carneros region grapes.   The back label said that it was a medium to heavy bodied creamy chardonnay.  I found it to be crisper, rather then creamy with the smell of melons and citrus fruits.  It paired very well with the Brie and with the Ahi Tuna.


The other bottle was a 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Carmel Valley.  It was from the Boete Winery and made entirely from the Saunders Vineyard (John Saunders being the grandson of the founders of Boete Winery).   This was a very full robust Cabernet wine which reminded me of a Napa Cabernet then a Carmel Cabernet.  We were all pleasantly surprised at the rich taste and “chewiness” of the wine.  It was too much wine for the roasted pork, but it was so flavorful that its strength was forgiven.

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