A Liesurely Barbeque

My Bride recently got together with two other young ladies that she had gone from elementary through high school with.  One of the ladies with her husband has a nice vacation cabin on one of the lagoons off of Portage Lake.  During the day we also went out on their pontoon boat twice to see the lake and the area.


We also had a delightful dinner that was basically prepared on a barbeque.  There were two salads, a cucumber salad and a Caesar Salad.  There was a squash and nutmeg dish that was barbequed, along with barbequed rings of pineapples, corn on the cob prepared in their husks, and fresh caught salmon that was grilled.  For dessert there was peaches grilled and served with mascarpone cheese and a balsamic vinegar drizzle.


My Bride had me “choose” three wines, but she actually picked out the wines.  Since we would be outside for the day, she wanted two different hot weather choices.  We started with a Pinot Gris from Joel Gott in Oregon.   There are some people that side step a wine marked Pinot Gris, because they prefer Pinot Grigio.  They are the same grape, the Pinot Grigio is the name most know from the Old World, and in the New World it is listed as Pinot Gris.  This is not always held to, as you will see the different wine varietal used from all locations.   I like this wine well chilled, as I feel that the flavor is enhanced in this manner, especially when one is out in the sun.


My Bride also insisted that we take a couple of the wines that we recently discovered from our last trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  The other two wines were from Peller Estates.  The Rose was also well chilled and was refreshing on this sunny day.  My only thought was should I have started with the Rose and then onto the Pinot Gris; I am still mentally debating this order of wines with no sure conclusion.   The last wine that we had was the Peller Estates Cabernet Franc that has been a sure fire hit with everyone that we have shared this wine with.  I am sure that we did not buy enough of this wine on the trip, and will eventually hear lamentations about our initial order.  Some people might question having a red wine with the grilled salmon, but I find that the salmon is such a meaty fish and having it grilled that it can be pair very successfully with a red wine.  Perhaps my readers should try it themselves, if they haven’t, I would be interested in hearing their conclusions on this pairing.

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4 Responses to A Liesurely Barbeque

  1. I think a grilled fish can usually stand up to red wine. Sounds like a great trip!!

  2. I too enjoy red wine with grilled salmon at times but am surprised by the Cab Franc choice. I would have expected something lighter. Being a Cab Franc fan I will have to give that a try. Would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the Joel Gott. We sell it at the store but do not know that much about it.
    Thank you.

    • It does appear that a red wine is getting the nods of appreciation to be paired with a grilled fish dish.
      I do enjoy my Cab Franc wines, the real thrill is trying to find one that fulfills my expectations of the varietal. I tend to try every one that I encounter. So many that I try seem to capitalize on the name, but lack the nurturing that this grape seems to demand, but when I do find one that I enjoy, it seems that we have never purchased enough.
      The Joel Gott Pinot Gris was refreshing, but a much softer wine. I like this type of wine on a hot day or when I want a wine to relax with. As I said, this is a wine that is wonderful when it is well iced. I get more enthused about a well made Chard or a Sauvignon Blanc where there is more nose and taste (and after taste).

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