Denver Buffalo Company

Periodically I have to tell people that my Bride left me.  Not in the bad way, but she leaves me a bachelor on my own devices, while she goes away on a business trip.  Some times I am fortunate to be able to travel with her, other times I am not so lucky.  Once when she left me, she ended up in Denver, Colorado.  One evening she found herself with others at the Denver Buffalo Company.


Usually a restaurant stays in my mind either because the service, food and wine list were enjoyable or the opposite is true.  This restaurant stays in my mind; because I was called twice that evening about how much she enjoyed the dinner, and that she even tried a buffalo (bison) steak and went on to let me know what a fine dinner I missed.   Thank you my dear.   She also enjoyed a bottle of Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon and told me, that we have to get some, because she also enjoyed the wine.  The also lamented that it was one of the wineries that we never got to, when we were in Napa.


She informed me that she had brought the “dead soldier” with her, a macabre, but loving term of endearment I use to refer to the empty wine bottle that I leave with from a restaurant, so that I make soak off the label.  What she did not inform of, until she got home, was that she was so enamored with the buffalo meat, that she ordered some steak, and ground meat to be shipped home, so that I could enjoy the meat as well.   What a woman.   That is a side business to the restaurant, and I would venture to say it is a very lucrative part of their business, as well.

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