Tribute Restaurant

For a brief period in metro Detroit we had a bona fide five star restaurant and it was called Tribute.  It was in a very awkward location, and could easily be missed while one was driving.  It was very elegant and posh, and it was a restaurant that one of my old bosses would call a “clip-joint,” as they were geared to the expense account crowd.  Regardless, it was on everyone’s bucket list of places to dine at, if only once.

The big talk was about a having a dinner party in the lower level, just off of the kitchen for a special chef’s menu.  That was the premier event at the Tribute; we went there to have dinner and to enjoy the evening.

Our main entrees for the evening were “Grilled Honey Chamomile Glazed Duck Breast” done Confit style with a Morel Wonton and root vegetables; and “Domestic Kobe Beef Tenderloin in the Style “Rossini” which had Seared Foie Gras, Black Summer Truffles, Mirepoix, Morel Mushrooms and a red wine reduction sauce.  A glorious dinner had been chosen.

For the wine, I went to the Cote d’Or, the Gold Coast of France and we had a wine from the Cotes de Nuits from the village of Vosne-Romanee.  My deductive reasoning was that a rich red Burgundy would be supple enough to enhance the duck and would still be able to go with the steak.  Some people like to pick the wine first, and then make the dinner work around the wine; I like to pick out the food first, as a mental challenge and also to decide if it will be affordable.  My next life I am coming back wealthy, so that I am not hindered by such pesky nuisances.

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