Chanterelle – Voted Napa Valley’s Most Romantic Restaurant

With a tag-line like that, we knew that we had to try this restaurant.  This series on Napa Valley will be interspersed with visits to restaurants, as this is part of the allure of Napa.  Quality food is integral to the Napa experience; it goes hand in glove with all the wonderful tastes of the day.  One would need a month, just to do all the fine dining establishments and one would still feel that many more were missed.  Doesn’t that sound like a terrible position to be in, one one’s holidays? Napa Valley at one time may have been a sleepy little community in Northern California, but it is not any longer.

After a hard day of wine tasting, we had to unwind each evening with a great dinner.  Since we were staying in the city of Napa, we had to have dinner in our “home” town.


When we got to the restaurant we decided to take a table outside, and how pleasant it was.  One did not have the feeling of being in a city, but at a very fine resort away from the hectic urban life and traffic.  We sat out on a veranda type balcony overlooking a valley or ravine, as the City of Napa was quite high overlooking the valley.  As I seem to recall there were bridges and ramps connecting an assortment of businesses on the backside over the ravine.  The menu offered a good range of appetizers and soups.  The entrees all sounded wonderful and it was a hard decision (they offered several choices of fish and seafood, chicken and duck (very hard for me to pass on) lamb and filets.


We started off with Ahi Nicoise and Dungeness Crab and shared each other’s appetizers.  Then I had the French Onion Soup, while my Bride had Caesar Salad (a side note, that I never order a Caesar Salad, because my Bride make’s the best Caesar dressing, so why should I be disappointed).  Next my Bride had the Chilean Sea Bass and I had the Filet of Venison and then we shared dessert.  We had been to the Hess Collection Winery that afternoon so we ordered a bottle of their Chardonnay.  We will be discussing Hess another day.  Then we had a bottle of the Hess Meritage to finish dinner and into the night.  The food was wonderful; a great choice for the restaurant, and the wines further enhanced the dining experience.  The only thing missing was a dance floor, to cap off the evening

So if and when you do go to Napa Valley, after you make your reservations for wine tasting sessions and tours, make sure that you also make reservations for dinner as well.  More wineries and more restaurants, still to come.

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