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“These Californian wines…are all…so good”

It was just a typical winter day in Michigan. I had shoveled the driveway and sidewalk of the snow that had fallen the night before, I had my morning coffee and had read the newspaper; and yes I still enjoy … Continue reading

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The Judgment of Paris

May 24, 1976 may go down in the annals of the American wine industry as one of the crowning moments; the day that California beat France in a blind tasting. I remember when it happened as it was during my … Continue reading

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“What Were You Expecting, Thunderbird?”

I am a film buff, and I love a well written line as in “The stuff dreams are made of” and “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”  OK I will admit that I am more … Continue reading

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L’Attitudes in Marquette and a Famous Wine

Well I guess I couldn’t wait for the cold weather, so I went with my Bride up to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan just off of Lake Superior.  She was giving a seminar and I was tagging along.  … Continue reading

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