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A Virtual OTBN

I accepted an open invitation on Social Media for a virtual “Open That Bottle Night.”  It has become a much-lauded evening among wine drinkers and especially those that write blogs. Actually, this isn’t the first time that I have ventured … Continue reading

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Eight Bottles of Cain Five

Cain Five is the flagship of Cain Vineyard & Winery and rightfully so.  Back in the day, only a few wineries were making blended wines and going after nuances and complexity in California, they were doing there own thing.  I … Continue reading

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Just Being Friendly

In case you never noticed, I like wine, and I like to talk about wine.  I think that I am a rather friendly person, unless I get rubbed the wrong way; and then sometimes it is hard for me to … Continue reading

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Cain Five and King Eider

The Gods were looking down upon me that rainy afternoon and they must have smiled in my direction while I was at Fine Wine Source in Livonia.  Some days being a Raconteur in person, as well in print brings good … Continue reading

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MWWC #15: Success

The latest of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge themes has been proffered. The theme is to be “success.” I have been pondering this theme for several days trying to come up with a suitable way to tackle it. It is … Continue reading

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Cain Five Makes an Anniversary Even Better

Everybody has a date or dates that make them smile and want to celebrate. I guess that I am no different, though I like to celebrate the memory with a bottle of wine, as if anyone would be surprised. My … Continue reading

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An Uneasy Flight

I am joining a group of assorted Wine Bloggers that have taken the challenge to write an article combining wine and transportation.  Our esteemed writer “The Drunken Cyclist” came up with this theme and just from the name of his … Continue reading

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A Sad Day for a Cellar

When my Bride had returned from her last trip to Louisville, one of the empty bottles, she brought back from her trip was a Cain Five 2001.  When I asked her about this particular bottle, she informed me that it … Continue reading

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Too Chez

I remember that I was engaged at the time, and my “Bride to be” was at a ladies party.  I met one of her friend’s friends for dinner, because he was a bachelor that evening from the same party.   We … Continue reading

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Cain Vineyard and Winery

Most wineries in the valley are easily accessible and just a short drive.  Going to Cain we turn off onto a pleasant mountain road and drove, and drove, and drove.  I felt like the little kid “are we there yet?”  … Continue reading

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