Just Being Friendly

In case you never noticed, I like wine, and I like to talk about wine.  I think that I am a rather friendly person, unless I get rubbed the wrong way; and then sometimes it is hard for me to forgive the deed.  As I said, I like talking about wine.  I have been drinking wine since at least 1969 and have only been writing about wine since May 2012.  I am rather slow to accept new fangled concepts, but I did start making notices about this blog on Facebook at the inception of the blog.  Later on, I discovered Twitter and I just started that site mid-stream on my writing.  After continual prodding from friends and colleagues I started on Instagram, where believe it or not, even though it is owned by Facebook there is much less political stuff there and I enjoy seeing the wines that people tout.  I actually began posting my photos as posts on Instagram from my earliest article with a photo, and eventually I will catch up, and all the sites will be in sync.

All that rambling is because I have posted over 2,200 photos and there is a small amount of duplication from over the years of article and there are some photos that I have never posted on Instagram from here.  Through the years I have acquired followers and I have followed other accounts; some are wineries, some are wine bloggers, some are wine drinkers and some have absolutely nothing to do with wine (believe it or not).  I am not sure when Cain Winery and I met on Instagram, but for me, it was love at first post.  I also somewhere along the way began following their “story” posts and they would politely acknowledge my like.  Also, I tried whenever I posted about Cain Winery, I would leave the cryptic @cainwinery or #cainwinery and maybe, because I was kind of a pest, a casual discussion began. 

I am not sure if I ever told the gentleman that handles the Instagram account about how I first discovered Cain Five at a restaurant, before my Bride had become my Bride, but we were an item by then.  My Bride was at shower and I was having dinner with someone I had just met, because the woman he was dating was also attending the shower as well.  I had heard about Cain Five from a customer and I had never encountered it until that evening.  It was one of the best-selling jobs in my entire career, because I was told, why order a California Bordeaux when you can just order the real thing.  I won the argument, fell in love with the wine and truth be told, I think the other gentlemen did as well.  Cain Five is one of the dang wines that don’t belong to the Meritage Society, but was making that type of wine before the society was formed along with some of the other old guard Napa wineries that have unique names instead of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot on the label. 

Anyways, as I was chatting with my liaison at Cain, he asked me if I was still buying their wine, especially Cain Five.  We had some from our original trip to Cain and we were going to buy a case and we were told as we were placing our order, that we could only buy two bottles, so I was going to buy two and have my Bride buy two, but that was nixed and were told that we could only buy two per couple or household, I understand that she is still there and eventually they put Cain Five on a subscription basis and we were shut out, but we have bought some after market offerings.  My liaison offered that we could buy some if we wanted and my Bride was all excited, especially in these lockdown days when the only wine to be bought is at the grocery stores.  I was telling the young man, about the current holdings of Cain that we still had eleven bottles, but as I am getting ready for a major shift in the cellar, I found three additional bottles of good tidings. 

We are now adding additional wines in all three categories Cain Five, Cain Concept and Cain Cuvée.  There was one year of Cain Concept that we bought, and four sets of verticals of the Cain Cuvée and finally an offering of Cain Five from their library holding and then we bought six of the current Cain Five as well.  My Bride was ecstatic and so am I, and I have to think of the right moment to try opening up some of twenty-year-old wines and the meal will have to be as stellar as the wine. 

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A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Twitter.com/WineRaconteur Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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2 Responses to Just Being Friendly

  1. Wow, impressive. You could invite us all over:)

  2. Now, that would be a party.

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