I enjoy the cinema, but I am old fashion, and I like to be entertained.  I don’t like to be preached to, or to be lectured to.  I enjoy a well written script and not a computer-generated cartoon, Warner Brothers and the old Walt Disney cartoons were stellar.  I mention this, because my Bride and I took another day trip to The Henry Ford, or for me Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum.  Instead of our usual 5K walk in the morning, we did it a little later in the day, this time at the museum.  The museum and the Hagerty Drivers Foundation which sponsors the National Vehicle Register will be providing the patrons with some unique and historic automobiles, that are not in the museum’s collection.  The first car to be featured is the replica 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California, that was featured in the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” This is one of three replicas that were secured by the production company, and one was destroyed in the film, so I guess there are only two now.  This car is the 22nd of 32 automobiles to be commemorated so far.

The car was basically one of the first exhibits that we saw, and it was back in the railroad section of the museum.  A lot of men set up model trains in their basement, Henry Ford bought the real things and had rail tracks installed to display them properly.  We walked around and saw most of the exhibits, and my Bride was getting hungry, when we walked over to the new restaurant in the museum, it was slammed, so I suggested that we go and walk around some more, and come back in a little while.  Sure enough, about an hour later, the crowds had disappeared and we basically walked right into to place our food orders.  As we were getting ready to order, a woman asked “will this be in your wine blog?’  I confirmed her question, but I didn’t recognize her, as she was wearing one of those horrible masks that our governor mandated, until she was threatened with an impeachment, then the science requiring the mask disappeared immediately.  The woman in question and I had worked together, she is now retired like I am, and she works a couple of days as a volunteer in whatever capacity that she is needed for that day.  I had my Bride capture the moment.

My Bride had a bowl of Chicken Lemon Rice Soup and a Caprese Salad.  I had a couple of Beef Tacos with a side of Macaroni and Cheese.  Then my Bride had a frou-frou coffee drink, so someone had to be the responsible one and have a glass of wine, for the sake of having an article.  I had a glass of Black Star Farms Arcturos Sur Lie Chardonnay Old Mission Peninsula 2021, to remind people that Michigan has a fine wine industry.  Afterall, Michigan is the seventh largest producer of table wine in the United States of America.  This is a non-oaked style wine, which I presume to mean that it is produced using Stainless Steel vats.  The wine had a beautiful soft-gold color with lush floral notes.  On the palate tones of citrus, apple and pear in a medium bodied wine with a short finish with a subtle mineral tinge.   

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