Chalky and Coravin Sparkling

I actually was able to get my Bride to accompany me to our local wine shop, The Fine Wine Source, for a tasting.  Needless to say, my Bride is the celebrity and all the attention is geared towards her, which is fine.  She is the exchequer, at least she enjoys that position and since everything is fine, I don’t care, it is one less thing to worry about. Beyond her appreciation of wines, she also has a fascination with gadgets.  She could have been Bob the Builder, and it may be from all the times that she would assist her father, who was a plumber by trade.  I remember when we had the front foliage removed at the house, she probably wished that we had more, because she had to even call me to share watching the grinding of the stumps, she was enthralled.  Yes, we have gadgets, especially in the kitchen.

We were treated to a tasting of Champagne Andre Clouet “Chalky” Brut NV.  Champagne Andre Clouet is a grower Champagne in the Grand Cru village of Bouzy and its wines are made exclusively from Pinot Noir on their eight-hectare estate on the famous chalk soils of Champagne.  Jean-Francois Clouet, a Bouzy native with a family history in the region before the Seventeenth Century.  1741 is the year that the foundation of house was built by Andre.  I was a little surprised, because this wine was pure Chardonnay, from vineyard sources of one third of the southern slopes of Montagne de Reims and two thirds on the Cote de Blancs.  The fruit was handpicked, and immediately soft pressed and initial fermentation was done in small Stainless-Steel vats and then aged in the bottle for seven years on the yeasts until ready for the secondary fermentation.  All the fruit was from the 2013 vintage which was considered outstanding. This very pretty soft-golden-colored wine with plenty of tiny bubbles offered notes of stone fruit and minerals.  On the palate a perfectly balance of acidity and salinity with minerals throughout, including a very nice long finish.  I am not a real sparkling wine fan, but this wine, really made me rethink my feelings, it was delicious.

After enjoying this lovely wine, they went and resealed the bottle with the new Coravin Sparkling System.  My Bride’s eyes lit up, when she saw this system being used.  It will keep the wine and its crisp flavor and effervescence for up to four weeks after opening.  After the wine was poured, they took the Stopper’s locking handle all the way to the unlocked position and pressed it firmly into the top of the bottle.  They then aligned the CO2 Capsule Charger on top of the Stopper and pressed down firmly.  There was a pressure indicator that went from red (for ready) to green when the bottle is fully charged.  The bottle of wine that we had tasted from had already been prior sealed with the Coravin Sparkling System and it was truly fresh as a newly opened bottle.  It made quite an impression on the Gadget Queen.    

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