Café Santé

Before we left Boyne Mountain, which is in Boyne Falls, which is near Boyne Highlands, we went to Boyne City.  We were touted to try this bistro, just off of the water.  There are not that many places that I can think of, at least around here that mention Pimm’s Cup and Absinthe, so it was worth the trip, especially since we were in the Boynes.  We had a chance to leave the board meeting early, as the guest speaker following the last breakfast had cancelled, so we finished packing; had some more goodbyes, loaded up the car and decided to have an interesting lunch, before driving home. 

I had thought that we could start with a country style Pâté with all the accoutrements, but that idea was vetoed as being too heavy for the long drive home, my Bride can be so thoughtful and realistic, while I guess I just stay a hedonist.  My Bride wanted to be healthy, so she ordered and now don’t be surprised, the Lemon Fried Whitefish Caesar Salad (but they were able to bake the Whitefish in Lemon (so she was thrilled)). She is always trying other dressings, especially when they are house-made, and this salad came with Parmigiano-Reggiano.  The other bonus was that the Whitefish came from John Cross Fisheries that is quite famed for the region (and also makes great Smoked Whitefish that can be bought at their shop).  My Bride had enjoyed Domaine de la Ferrandiere Sauvignon Blanc Pays d’Oc IGP 2020.  The estate is located between Corbieres and Minervois in the ancient wetlands of the Languedoc. This area was drained under the command of Louis XIV at the end of the 17th Century.  For over a century the property was owned by the Gau family and they sold the estate to Domaines Paul Mas in 2013.  They specialize in single varietal wines from their seventy hectares of vines. I couldn’t find any production notes, but I will presume that the wine was produced in Stainless Steel vats, but I did find a curious fact that the vineyards are flooded for forty days after each winter, in an attempt to regulate the natural salinity of the soil.  This technique allows the vines to be grown on ancestral rootstock, as opposed to American rootstalk, as the vineyard was protected from phylloxera.  The Pays d’Oc IGP basically is the entire region of the Languedoc that are not made to the strict rules of the AOC level appellations.   The wine was a pretty almost golden color with notes of green apple and white fruits.  On the palate, soft fruit with high acidity that lingered into the finish, making it a very easy wine to drink, and beckoning for another sip.

I went with their Fish & Chips, which were Lemon breaded Great Lakes Whitefish, with Belgian Frites, accompanied by Sauce Remoulade and Rouille.  It was a fun version of a Friday Lenten dish, especially with the two sauces.  Well, it finally happened, I can understand when I go reminiscing about wines in my youth, but I just had a wine within the month that is under the radar.  I had a glass of Domaine de la Range Chardonnay Val de Loire 2020 and I cannot find it.  Oh well, the Val de Loire IGP was created in 2009 and is allowed in fourteen Departments of the Loire Valley.  It was a nice golden color with floral and citrus notes.  On the palate, it was a Chardonnay, better than some industrial bulk wines, but with Fish and Chips it worked. 


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