Another Farewell

We were enjoying our time at Boyne Mountain, my Bride was delivering her last reports at the board meeting and introducing her replacement. I was there for the fun, as always, since I have been able to attend as her guest.  The resort is a four-season resort, and there is always stuff to do.  Of course, I try to keep up with my writings and correspondence, but it is all fun.  The hardest part is at my age, trying not to overeat.  At breakfast, there was buffet tables with fresh fruit, pastries, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, assorted meats and vegetables; and if that was not enough there was also a station to have an omelet or Eggs Benedicts made.  For lunch, this time it was a buffet with a Tex-Mex influence and it wasn’t even Taco Tuesday, but the spread was elaborate.  I was happy with the Guacamole (which was decent for gringos) and the Beef or Chicken Fajitas. 

That evening of the board meeting, we had a barbecue with the featured items being New York Strip Steaks and Salmon.  Once again, it was a buffet set up, so nobody went hungry especially after the earlier two meals.   The buffet was in an adjacent building and then we all gathered outside to dine.  And my Bride did a great job of holding it all together, because after dinner, they made a special announcement to thank her for the last twenty-four years of service.  They even had a special cake and the next morning, we were making sure that especially the members that had children attending, should take some more of the cake home.  Some did the Ziplines, and I quietly side stepped away and let my Bride enjoy her last night with her Euchre buddies, as she had over the years made the one night into quite a get-together for those that enjoy the game. 

While the food was in the adjacent building, the bartenders were out in the sun with the rest of us.  I even had them make an impromptu Margarita, which was pretty decent, for being done on the cuff.  That evening the wines being offered were from the William Hill Estate Winery.  The winery was founded in 1976 by William Hill on a two-hundred-acre parcel at the foot of Atlas Peak on the Silverado Bench.  The wines being poured were the William Hill Estate Winery Merlot Central Coast 2018 and the William Hill Estate Winery Central Coast Chardonnay 2019.  The Central Coast stretches from San Francisco to Santa Barbara and includes San Francisco Bay, Monterey County, San Benito County, San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County.  These wines are made for quick consumption and not for cellaring.  The wines were poured in plastic glasses, which are not the best for writing about wines, but ideal for quaffing.  The Chardonnay was a pretty gold color offering notes of citrus, melons and spices.  On the palate stone fruits in a well-balanced wine that offered a bit of creamy texture.  The Merlot had a deep color with notes of cherry and plums.  On the palate, there was a bit more plum in a very soft textured and easy to drink wine.  

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