A Franciscan Cab at the St. Croix Shop

Almost my entire working career I was a clothier, not a haberdasher, but a clothier.  Over the years I have met some individuals that will always be a clerk.  There was a certain status of being a clothier and it was a respected line of work, especially to the clientele that required a gentlemen’s eye for detail and quality.  I can remember when the store that I was at, for the majority of my career, first started carrying St. Croix knits and it was a momentous occasion.  Knitcraft Corporation, the parent company began in 1960 making the finest “Old World” quality knits in Winona, Minnesota.  The founder of the company had a great statement “you cannot, at any price, from a source in the world, buy a better sweater.  You can only pay more.”

My Bride and I were having an all-day date of shopping, dining and of course some wining as well.  We were in Birmingham, Michigan a city that we often go for a myriad of reasons and we ran into the Sales Representative of St. Croix at the St. Croix Shop and he recognized me, so even with the extra weight that I acquired during retirement, I guess I still looked like me.  We had fun, for sure I did, I probably went over board with the shopping, but I don’t do it that often.  Plus, my Bride was there to make sure that I bought enough.  Well, when it was all over, I had some beautiful sweaters and cardigans, some classic Italian sport shirts, belts, hosiery, trousers and a leather jacket.  My Bride also got excited to get a Chenille scarf for herself while we were there.  I really think the real fun, was reminiscing with the Sales Rep, as he was the Sales Rep that I had basically worked with for years.  Of course, my Bride didn’t think that I would ever leave, especially when I start talking about the old days.

We stayed a little longer, because my old friend the Sales Rep brought out a bottle of wine and he started to apologize, thinking that I must only drink First Growths, I corrected that misconception.  Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Monterey County 2018 was the wine that we were drinking.  Franciscan Estate was established in 1973 in Oakville and their first vintage was in 1975 by Justin Meyer, who was the winemaker at Silver Oak Winery.  The winery is now owned by E&J Gallo and the wines produced are now beyond Napa Valley, as this wine is from Monterey County.  Even with the wine being poured into plastic glasses the nose offered dark fruit and spice, so even with no winemaking notes, I have to presume that the wine did some time in oak.  The wine itself offered notes of cherry and plum, with hints of vanilla and pepper and some integrated tannins noted on the finish.  A very easy drinking wine and perfect for offering to customers in the shop.  My Bride and I had such a great time shopping, that after lunch, we loaded up the car with our purchases, and since we were going to a party later in the day, we had a cooler in the trunk filled with ice and wines, we took two different Vinho Verde bottles of wine to the store before we left Birmingham. 

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