Cuvee Kristin and Sweet Isla

The first official winetasting at The Fine Wine Source was coming to an end for us, but it was going on for another day at the shop.  Korbin Ming did an excellent job, even with his flying in that morning on the “Red Eye.”  The Fine Wine Source had contacted all of their wine club members and tried to book times for everyone, so that there would not be a problem with “social distancing” and there wouldn’t be a mob at any given moment.  My Bride always says that she doesn’t enjoy the tastings as much as I do, but when she does attend with me, she always has a great time.

We had two different bottles of Korbin Kameron Proprietary Red Wine Cuvee Kristin Moon Mountain District 2012 and 2015 and both were Estate Grown.  While the winery at Moonridge Vineyards was named after the sons, the daughter has the special blend.  The wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.  The wine is aged for eighteen months in French Oak, of which seventy-five percent is new.  There were two-hundred cases produced of the 2012 and one-hundred-twenty-four cases of the 2015.  The 2012 vintage offered a nose of bramble fruit, florals and spice, and delivered black cherries, good tannins and a medium finish, for this wine, I thought it was a bit light in the chewy-ness factor, my non-technical term for big wines, because I like to chew the wine when I am tasting it.  The 2015 had a nose of blueberries and vanilla beans, and rich dark cherries, silk tannins and a longer count on the finish.  This wine was rich and full and very chewy, a delightful wine.

Then we had Korbin Kameron Late Harvest “Sweet Isla” Moon Mountain District 2018 and it is Estate Grown.  The last wine of the tasting and it was getting rather hectic in the shop, so I didn’t ask any questions about the wine, in anticipation of checking technical notes or trade notes on this wine at their website. I was able to get in touch with Korbin Ming and he was able to give me some information. The wine is late harvested Sauvingnon Blanc with an addition of fifteen percent Botrytised Semillon. One week cold soak and fermented on the skins for an additional two weeks to pick up extra color and flavors, called phenolics, which was a really long and cool fermentation for intense aromatics. The wine was aged for eight months in neutral oak. .  A beautiful wine that was just magnificent and reminded me of a French Sauternes with a nose of honeysuckle, a silky texture offering notes of sweet lemons, apricots and marmalade with a nice long count in the finish. Is it any wonder that we had to take advantage of this wine, it was perfect and I am sure that it will age nicely in the cellar.  Now alas, the first official winetasting is now part of history, but it was a great adventure.

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