Low Cost Leeder Electric Wine Opener

I guess that I will never be a “wine influencer,” because I seem to go out of my way to avoid asking for goods.  Some of the new wine bloggers seem to have started their blogs in anticipation of getting free wine, free accessories and free what-ever.  I know on my mast head, I have an entry tab for “Samples” and I go out of my way to let you know, if I am getting anything for free, because that is not the goal of all of my writing.  I have been writing these articles since May 2012 and it was several years later that I had to write the tab for “Samples.” I think I have a phobia about asking, ever since I was probably about five or six and it was a real scorcher of a summer day and I was with a couple of kids that I grew up with and I saw a distant relative that was a barber in the neighborhood and I like a big operator, asked him, if he would buy us a couple of popsicles from the corner ice cream shop, they were a nickel apiece and between the three kids we didn’t have one nickel, let alone three.  Later that day, with the childish honesty of the times, I relayed what happened earlier that day to my Father, he not only gave me a boot in the arse for such behavior, but dragged me down to the barbershop to let the barber know that if I ever did a stunt like that again, he had my Father’s permission to beat me with the leather strop that use to dangle on the side of every barber chair to hone the straight razor.  Moral of the story is; don’t ask.

With the start of my blog, I began advertising the articles on Facebook, then on Twitter and finally in March 2017, I started advertising on Instagram.  I started rehashing my articles from May 2012 and by steady progress I am now up to September 2017 with the goal of having all the advertising sites on the same page.  I was recently approached by a gentleman, if I would kindly accept his kind and generous offer of an electric wine opener that he was marketing.  I gallantly tried to maneuver the conversation away from his offer and I really thought I was ready to close the conversation with the thought that the offer to do a review had been forgotten about.  I tried, but the gentleman was persistent, and I think he realized that I was not a kid and that I really did not need to do this, but I finally relented and the package was perfectly wrapped and bundled the atomic bomb would not have detonated if it was shipped like this wine opener.

The Electric Wine Opener came prepacked with the opener, and a foil cutter that nestled at the bottom of the “tube” of the cylinder, a tulip wine aerator and pourer, a manual vacuum pump with two rubber stoppers, an electric charging cable and an instruction sheet.  The mechanism is charged using a USB cable that one plugs into a cube and it takes about twelve hours to charge and it should open up about sixty bottles before requiring to be recharged again and works on both natural and synthetic corks.  I would venture to say that almost everyone has a cube that was not included, because everyone these days have a cellular phone, even I do, but I still maintain a land-line as well.  Most people when purchasing a corkscrew look at its appearance, I guess I am a nerd as I look at the coil of the screw as I have over the years bought corkscrews that looked cool, only to watch them tear up and destroy a cork.  When the unit arrived, we had several bottles in various stages of emptiness, so I had to wait, before I started opening up anymore wine, probably to the chagrin of the gentleman, who probably now realizes that I work at one speed, and that is slow; I don’t rush for anyone. We had a dinner party and I opened up four bottles of wine with each one requiring about ten seconds and not enough time or effort to work up a sweat.  I can barely load photographs on my blog, so don’t expect me to try to make a video production, I am a child of the last century.  I am keeping this corkscrew on the side table in my dining room with my other wine accoutrements, as it is so convenient.  For pricing and shipping information please go to www.lowcostleeder.com or lowcostleeder on Instagram. 

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A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Twitter.com/WineRaconteur Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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