A Couple of Gift Items

Now that the Christmas Season is over, and Armenian Christmas is past, it is time to start packing up all of the decorations and wait for another year.  Alas the bright decorations are normally a contrast to the stark white and gray images that one usually encounters in January, but so far this year, and I knock on wood, the winter season has been mild.  It has been the season for me to read about snow south of us, even down to Texas, but fear not, the northern peninsula of this state has snow.  I have also seen the annual sign greeting one to Hell, Michigan that is showing ice and snow.

When I was a boy, my Mother used to receive a box of homemade marzipan hand dipped in chocolate from her Tante in Milwaukee for Christmas.  To this day, I have never encountered a marzipan candy that was as rich and moist as the candy that we used to get, and that my Mother would dole out very sparingly, as she too looked forward to this package.  Alas this memory ended, because my Mother passed away before a couple of weeks before my fifteenth Christmas.   Later on, I remember the local confectionary/ice cream shop in the neighborhood where they made everything from scratch, and I used to watch their little conveyor system that they had which kind of looked like an Erector Set on mild steroids.  I mention them, because every Christmas season they would have a wink, wink offering from the back room only of liquor filled chocolates that they made, they had a set price for a pound box, but they also required the customer to furnish a fifth of the liquor that they wanted used.  That company is long gone, but I do know that one of the restaurants in town actually bought their equipment, especially the ice cream stuff and the recipes, and the ice cream is still being produced.    All of this rambling on about Christmas and chocolate is because I received a box of candy for Christmas, and everyone complains that I am extremely difficult to shop for.  I received a box of Mieszko Cherrissimo Exclusive manufactured in Poland and it contains Chocolate-covered cherries surrounded by either rum, white wine, or Amaretto. The box alone had an old-world smell and aroma, and so far, I have tried one of the rums, and my Bride tried one of the white wines.

I will also mention at this time a bottle of wine that I received that I knew was from France, but that was all I ascertain from a quick scan of the label.  The label read Famille Perrin Les Cornuds Vinsobres AOC 2016.  It all started to make sense when I saw the neckband that had the vintage year on it.  Famille Perrin has the ownership of a famous estate Chateau de Beaucastel in Chateauneuf-du-Pape and they are wine producers and negocient in the Rhone Valley.  They are the owners and partners of another wine from Provence Miraval, which is famous for the actors associated with it, and they also produce another wine that has been around for ages La Vielle Ferme.   Vinsobres is a relatively new sub-appellation from the villages of the Cotes du Rhone and it is for red wines only.  The wine is half Syrah and half Grenache, so I am expecting a bit of boldness when it is opened.  I am like a little kid and I do so enjoy surprises.

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