You Betcha

As Joe E. Lewis used to say “I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.”  I feel like I am trying to become a Jedi warrior, because I have passed another test.  It is the weekend after Thanksgiving and I have to schlepp all of the cartons of Christmas decorations up from the basement, so that my Bride can decide what she will use this year.  Years ago, I created a “closet” by building four bookcases, that are each three-foot-wide, so the “closet” is six feet by six feet when the bookcases are arrange out from a corner of the basement.  It is about two-hundred-twenty cubic feet of space.  It took fourteen trips back and forth, and in a day or two I will repeat that process taking the boxes filled with the decorations that would normally be seen in the house for the other eleven months, as the other holidays don’t require such a drastic shift.

Which brings me to the other problem, in that there are times when I am rather lazy, or is it that my priorities are different.  I realized that I had to work around five cartons of wine on the same staircase that I was using and another three cases in the basement, plus a couple of six packs as well.  Well it is the holidays, so as they say in England, I guess I better get my arse in gear, and see if I can make some space in the wine cellar, and also find some more reasons to drink wine.

At this time of the year, I keep telling my Bride that a certain raconteur will have a heart attack from all of that schlepping, but it falls on deaf ears.  In a week she will have her annual Ladies’ Christmas Party that precedes her knowing her husband.  You betcha that I am in good enough shape that I won’t have to use Joe E. Lewis other great line “last week I was in the hospital, and I took a turn for the nurse.”

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2 Responses to You Betcha

  1. That’s some serious work! Thank goodness you have plenty of wine to sip at the end of all that exercise.

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